Political corruption

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  • David Whyte
    An edited collection which looks at corruption in differe...
    From £12.54
    Save £4.45
  • America's Dreyfus (Hardback)
    Joan Brady
    How an American high-flyer, Alger Hiss, was framed by Ric...
    From £12.33
    Save £7.67
  • Untouchables (Paperback)
    Michael Gillard, Laurie F...
    With Scotland Yard in the dock, now more than ever the pu...
    From £16.91
    Save £8.08
  • Cruel Hoax (Paperback)
    Henry Makow
    From £15.18
    Save £1.81
  • Hidden History (Paperback)
    Donald Jeffries, Roger Stone
    The US government has spent as much time covering up cons...
    From £14.89
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  • Jong-Sung You
    In this comparative, historical survey of three East-Asia...
  • Jan-Willem van Prooijen, P...
    Why are people frequently suspicious of their political a...
  • Tariq Thachil
    This book analyzes how the paradox of the poor often voti...
  • A Republic No More (Paperback)
    Jay Cost
    From £13.09
  • Nemesis (Paperback)
    Misha Glenny
    Tells the story of an ordinary man who became the king of...
    From £6.54
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  • The Panama Papers (Paperback)
    Frederik Obermaier, Bastia...
    The inside story from the journalists who set the investi...
    From £8.39
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  • Jan-Willem van Prooijen, P...
    Looks at cheating, corruption, and concealment to focus o...
  • Dave Zirin
    The people of Brazil celebrated when they learned that in...
    From £9.97
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  • Brazillionaires (Paperback)
    Alex Cuadros
    Longlisted for the Financial Times Business Book of the ...
    From £8.71
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  • Johan Engvall
    "Based on the case of Kyrgyzstan, while going well beyond...
    From £26.06
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  • Parliament Ltd (Hardback)
    Martin Williams
    Investigative journalist Martin Williams lifts the lid on...
    From £14.04
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  • Thieves of State (Paperback)
    Sarah Chayes
    A former adviser to the Joint Chiefs of Staff explains ho...
    From £7.66
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  • The Maximalist (Paperback)
    Matt Cooper
    The Maximalist considers Tony O'Reilly's life and influen...
    From £11.80
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