• Tony Travers
    To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the London boroughs, ...
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  • Tsunami (Paperback)
    Iain Macwhirter
    An fascinating exploration of the momentous 2015 Westmins...
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  • Min Reuchamps, Jane Suiter
  • City Power (Hardback)
    Richard C. Schragger
    Reigning theories of urban power suggest that in a world ...
    From £23.06
  • Dr Timothy B. Smith
    Offers the first full treatment of any secession conventi...
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  • Marijuana (Paperback)
    John Hudak
    With long-time legal and social barriers to marijuana fal...
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  • Paradiplomacy (Paperback)
    Rodrigo Tavares
    Cities and states are the new global actors.
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  • Centrifugal Empire (Hardback)
    Jae Ho Chung
    Despite the destabilizing potential of governing of a vas...
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  • The Naked Swiss (Paperback / softback)
    Clare O'Dea
  • The Politics of Place (Paperback)
    Joseph P. Schwieterman, Da...
    Reviews the development, planning, and zoning in the grow...
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  • Salafism in Nigeria (52) (Hardback)
    Alexander Thurston
    Examines how Salafism, a globally influential Muslim move...
  • The Speechwriter (Paperback)
    Barton Swaim
    Brings you inside the spin room of the modern politician ...
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  • Hadley Arkes
    After reestablishing the connection between morality and ...
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  • William W Keller
    In the super-heated anticommunist politics of the early C...
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  • Richard J. Samuels
    This is the first major study of politics and public admi...
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  • Jr. William T. Gormley
    Americans are just emerging from one of the great reform ...
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  • William I. Bacchus
    William Bacchus warns that the American Foreign Service i...
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  • Fred C. Doolittle
    Here is the most thorough study to date on the impact of ...
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