• Why Vote UKIP 2015 (Paperback)
    Suzanne Evans
    A series of short, affordable and accessible guides desig...
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  • Dan Jarvis
    From £5.58
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  • Greg Callus, Iain Dale, D...
    The essential guide to the 2015 general election.
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  • Jeremy Browne
    The essential guide to voting Liberal Democrat in the 201...
    From £5.58
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  • Nick Herbert
    A series of short, affordable and accessible guides desig...
    From £5.58
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  • Yunus Emre
    The RPP (Republican People's Party) stands as Turkey's ma...
    From £36.54
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  • Geoffrey G. Field
    Blood, Sweat, and Toil is the first scholarly history of ...
    From £21.89
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  • 5 Days in May (Hardback)
    Andrew Adonis
    For the first time, Andrew Adonis gives his own account o...
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  • Stephen Maxwell, Owen Dudl...
    This book marks the beginning of the real debate on Scott...
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  • The End of the Party (Paperback)
    Andrew Rawnsley
    Including inside accounts of all the key events from 9/11...
    From £10.05
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  • Comrade or Brother? (Paperback)
    Mary Davis
    A revised, updated and expanded edition of this classic f...
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  • Over to You, Mr Brown (Paperback)
    Anthony Giddens
    Anthony Giddens sets out his agenda for the New Labour of...
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  • Bolshevism and the British Left (v. 1) (Paperback)
    Kevin Morgan
    Part of a three-volume series, which looks at the relatio...
    From £14.00
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  • Nazism, 1919-1945 (v. 1) (Paperback)
    Jeremy Noakes, Geoffrey P...
    Volume 1 of this series of documents with commentary cove...
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  • Paul Le Blanc
  • Following Farage (Paperback)
    Owen Bennett
    From £11.06
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  • Hizb ut-Tahrir (Hardback)
    Reza Pankhurst
    Pankhurst's work considers the inside history of a durabl...
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  • Clarisse Berthezene
    Examines attempts by the Conservative party in the interw...
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