• Political Analysis (Paperback)
    Colin Hay
    "Political Analysis" provides an accessible introduction ...
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  • Richard Sakwa
    Thoroughly revised and updated, this text offers offers a...
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  • Power Trip (Hardback)
    Damian McBride
    In Power Trip Damian McBride writes candidly about his ex...
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  • John McCormick
    This major new text provides an authoritative introductio...
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  • Tony Saich
    Now available in a substantially revised 3rd edition cove...
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  • The New Machiavelli (Hardback)
    Jonathan Powell
    'Niccolo Machiavelli is misunderstood,' argues the author...
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  • Raj Chari, John Hogan, Ga...
    In an age of sleaze, scandal and corruption associated wi...
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  • Erik Olin Wright
    A comprehensive assault on the quietism of contemporary s...
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  • Political Speeches (Paperback)
    Marcus Tullius Cicero, D. ...
    Cicero (106-43 BC) was the greatest orator of the ancient...
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  • Mark Allinson
    Beginning in 1814 with the Congress of Vienna, and ending...
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  • John Dearlove, Peter Saun...
    aeo Features fresh and lively coverage of all the key pol...
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  • Sean Lang
    Lang surveys the changing role of Parliament over the las...
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  • James H. Richardson, Feder...
    This volume provides students with an introduction to a r...
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  • The EU Made Simple (Paperback)
    American Chamber of Commerc...
    Offer a comprehensive guide to the European Union explain...
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  • American Government (Paperback)
    Marc Landy, Sidney M. Milkis
    This book prompts students to consider and understand how...
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  • The Poorer Nations (Paperback / softback)
    Professor Vijay Prashad
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  • Robert G. Boatright
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  • Jessica C. Teets
    Civil Society under Authoritarianism takes a fresh look a...
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