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  • Michael Mayne, Joel W. Hu...
    Dust That Dreams of Glory collects together never-before-...
    From £8.04
    Save £2.95
  • This is My Body (Paperback)
    Jennie Hogan
    Jennie Hogan is an Anglican priest with a history of brai...
    From £9.22
    Save £3.77
  • Parish (Paperback)
    Andrew Rumsey
    This book examines the distinctive form of social and com...
    From £13.42
    Save £6.57
  • III John W. Yates, Ashley ...
    From £17.41
    Save £12.58
  • PCC Accountability (Paperback)
    This essential reference volume provides up-to-date guida...
    From £8.63
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  • Thomas Cranmer (Paperback)
    Diarmaid MacCulloch
    Thomas Cranmer, the architect of the Anglican Book of Com...
    From £12.56
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  • Fathomless Riches (CD-Audio)
    Richard Coles
    The memoir of popular Radio 4 Saturday Live presenter the...
    From £13.20
    Save £5.78
  • Fathomless Riches (Hardback)
    Richard Coles
    The memoir of popular BBC Radio 4 SATURDAY LIVE presenter...
  • Diary of a Gay Priest (Paperback)
    Rev. Dr. Malcolm Johnson
    Full of anecdotes and amusing stories, but the Church is ...
    From £7.44
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  • Common Worship (Hardback)
    The Liturgical Commission O...
    Provides all the essential seasonal liturgy for the Chris...
    From £29.42
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  • All-age Lectionary Services Year C (Leather / fine binding)
    Lectionary-based service outlines compatible with "Common...
  • Common Worship (Hardback)
    House Publishing Church
    Common Worship: Daily Prayer is a rich collection of devo...
    From £19.85
    Save £2.65
  • The Sermons (Hardback)
    Laurence Sterne, Melvyn New
    This is a scholarly edition of Laurence Sterne's sermons.
  • John R. W. Stott, Alec Mo...
    From £4.72
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  • Mark Chapman, Paul Bradsh...
    Grasping the Heel of Heaven honours the immense legacy to...
    From £15.21
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  • J. Chester Johnson
    - A "first person narrative," key to the work and prayer ...
    From £9.22
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  • A Preacher's Tale (Paperback)
    Jon Russell
    A Preacher's Tale aims to provide not just a theoretical ...
    From £11.63
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  • Alleluia is Our Song (Paperback)
    Michael Mayne, Joel W. Hu...
    Alleluia is our Song draws together a collection of Micha...
    From £8.04
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