Philosophy: aesthetics

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  • S. O'Sullivan
    This book offers a series of critical commentaries on, an...
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  • Art Can Help (Hardback)
    Robert Adams
    A collection of inspiring essays by the photographer Robe...
    From £13.45
    Save £6.55
  • Aesthetic Marx (Paperback)
    Samir Gandesha, Johan F. ...
    The whole of Marx's project confronts the narrow concerns...
    From £17.07
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  • Rust (Paperback)
    Jean-Michel Rabate
    It's happening all the time, all around us.
    From £8.56
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  • Superhumanity (Paperback)
    Nick Axel, Beatriz Colomi...
    A wide-ranging and challenging exploration of design and ...
    From £20.93
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  • Beauty (Paperback)
    David Konstan
    What makes something beautiful?
    From £12.91
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  • Narcocapitalism (Paperback)
    Laurent De Sutter, Barnaby...
    What do the invention of anaesthetics in the middle of th...
    From £8.86
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  • Out of Nothing (Hardback)
    Daniel Locke, David Blandy
    What links Gutenberg's printing press, abstract expressio...
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  • Avi S. Lifschitz, Michael ...
    Ever since its publication in 1766, Lessing's Laocoon, or...
    From £67.31
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  • Solitude (Hardback)
    Terry Waite
    Terry Waite invites you to meet some of the exceptional p...
    From £9.79
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  • Shopping Mall (Paperback)
    Matthew Newton
    The mall near Mat thew Newton's childhood home in Pittsbu...
    From £7.36
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  • Transference (Paperback)
    Jacques Lacan, Jacques Ala...
    "Alcibiades attempted to seduce Socrates, he wanted to ma...
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  • Senses of Mystery (Paperback)
    David E. Cooper
    In this beautifully written book, David E.
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  • Robert E. Wood
    This book provides a comprehensive view of the aesthetic ...
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  • Roch C. Smith
    From £15.84
  • Susan Nalezyty
    One of the most influential scholars of the Renaissance, ...
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  • Why Are We 'Artists'? (Paperback)
    Jessica Lack
    'Art is not a luxury.
    From £7.29
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  • Materiality (Paperback)
    Petra Lange-Berndt