Philosophy of mind

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  • Philosophy of Mind (Paperback)
    Edward Feser
    In this lively and entertaining introduction to the philo...
  • Evolving Enactivism (Hardback)
    Daniel D. Hutto, Erik Myin
    Evolving Enactivism argues that cognitive phenomena -- pe...
    From £19.74
    Save £8.21
  • Evan Thompson, Stephen Ba...
    A renowned philosopher of the mind, also known for his gr...
    From £21.02
    Save £6.93
  • Self-Constitution (Paperback)
    Christine M. Korsgaard
    Christine M.
    From £16.73
    Save £3.26
  • David Abram
    From £10.63
    Save £3.37
  • Daniel C. Dennett
    Explores how consciousness has evolved, and how a modern ...
    From £9.38
    Save £3.61
  • Madness and Modernism (Paperback)
    Louis A. Sass
    Madness and Modernism provides a phenomenological study o...
    From £35.48
    Save £4.51
  • Shaun Gallagher
    Enactivist Interventions is an interdisciplinary work tha...
    From £26.02
    Save £3.98
  • Michael Lacewing
    Philosophy for A Level is an accessible textbook for the ...
    From £20.53
    Save £4.46
  • Christoph Durt, Thomas Fu...
    Recent accounts of cognition attempt to overcome the limi...
    From £32.84
    Save £13.11
  • Self and Other (Paperback)
    Dan Zahavi
    Dan Zahavi engages with classical phenomenology, philosop...
    From £15.32
    Save £1.67
  • Towards Non-Being (Paperback)
    Graham Priest
    Graham Priest presents an account of the semantics of int...
    From £20.53
    Save £4.47
  • Stuart Shanker, John V. C...
    Wittgenstein's Intentions, first published in 1993, prese...
    From £26.66
    Save £6.33
  • Waking Up (Hardback)
    Sam Harris
    For the millions of people who want spirituality without ...
  • Matthew Ratcliffe
    Experiences of Depression is a philosophical exploration ...
    From £34.58
    Save £0.41
  • L. A. Paul
    How should we make choices when we know so little about o...
    From £15.96
    Save £3.03
  • The Mess Inside (Paperback)
    Peter Goldie
    Peter Goldie explores the ways in which we think about ou...
    From £19.44
  • Matthew Chrisman, Duncan ...
    Philosophy for Everyone begins by explaining what philoso...