Australasian & Pacific history

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  • Darwin 1942 (304) (Paperback)
    Bobby R. Alford, Jim Laurier
    A highly illustrated account of the Japanese aerial assau...
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  • Guadalcanal 1942-43 (284) (Paperback)
    Mark Stille, Peter Dennis
    Analyzing the three Japanese attempts to retake the islan...
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  • Donald Nijboer, Jim Lauri...
    By the time the Americans began their aerial bombardment ...
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  • Robert Fleming, Mike Chap...
    The importance of the Australian contribution to the Alli...
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  • Air War in the Falklands 1982 (No. 28) (Paperback)
    Chris Chant, Mark Rolfe
    Argentina's continuing claim to sovereignty of the Falkla...
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  • Martin Bowman
    The B-17 saw combat in the Pacific from the moment a form...
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  • Gordon L. Rottman, Ian Pa...
    This is the first title in a series that takes a detailed...
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  • The Pacific War (Paperback)
    Captain Dale Dye, Robert ...
    Reveals each of the major battles that America would figh...
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  • Kokoda Air Strikes (Paperback)
    Anthony Cooper
    The author of the bestselling Darwin Spitfires casts a fo...
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  • Gordon L. Rottman, Johnny ...
    On August 17-18, 1942, 211 men of the US Marine Corps' 2n...
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  • Arthur Phillip (Paperback)
    Michael Pembroke
    A fascinating and expansive tale of history, war and intr...
  • Mark Stille, Howard Gerrard
    The battle for Guadalcanal that lasted from August 1942 t...
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  • The New Zealand Wars, 1820-72 (487) (Paperback)
    Ian Knight, Raffaele Ruggeri
    Between 1845 and 1872, various groups of Maori were invol...
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  • New Zealand Police
    The definitive work of the Christchurch disaster.
  • ANZAC Infantryman 1914-15 (155) (Paperback)
    Ian Sumner, Graham Turner
    "ANZAC Infantryman, 1914-15: From New Guinea to Gallipoli".
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  • Midway 1942 (No. 226) (Paperback)
    Mark Stille, Howard Gerrard
    In less than one day, the might of the Imperial Japanese ...
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  • Sydney (Paperback)
    Jan Morris
    With characteristic exuberance and sparkling prose, the a...
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  • P-38 Lightning Vs Ki-61 Tony (No. 26) (Paperback)
    Donald Nijboer, Jim Laurier
    With its distinctive, twin-tailed design, the P-38 was on...
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