• Operation Torch 1942 (312) (Paperback)
    Brian Lane Herder, Darren ...
    Following the raid on Pearl Harbor and the entry of the U...
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  • Andrea Salimbeti, Raffaele...
    Carthage, the port-city in Tunisia first settled by Phoen...
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  • Certain Death in Sierra Leone (No. 10) (Paperback)
    Will Fowler, Mariusz Kozik
    In September 2000 the notorious militia gang, 'West Side ...
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  • Johnny Shumate
    Waged across an inhospitable terrain which varied from op...
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  • Daniel Mersey
    Launch of an exciting new series of guides for wargamers.
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  • Neil Grant, Peter Dennis
    The 1st Battalion, The Rhodesian Light Infantry, was one ...
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  • The Boer War 1899-1902 (No. 52) (Paperback)
    Gregory Fremont-Barnes
    This volume examines the key battles of both Boer Wars, a...
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  • The British Army 1939-1945 (Pt. 2) (No. 368) (Paperback)
    Martin J. Brayley, Mike C...
    The North Africa campaign of 1940-43 brought the British ...
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  • Rorke's Drift, 1879 (No. 41) (Paperback)
    Ian Knight
    A study of the struggle which took place in 1879 at the s...
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  • Bush Wars (Paperback)
    Ambush Alley Games, Ramiro...
    With its many tribal, political, religious, and cultural ...
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  • Long Range Desert Group Patrolman (No. 148) (Paperback)
    Tim Moreman, Raffaele Rug...
    Nicknamed the 'Libyan Desert Taxi Service' by the SAS, th...
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  • The Zulu War 1879 (No. 56) (Paperback)
    Ian Knight
    This title covers one of the most dramatic periods of Bri...
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  • Zulu Wars (No.388) (Paperback)
    Ian Castle, Raffaele Ruggeri
    One aspect of the Zulu War remains unexamined - the part ...
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  • Felice Benuzzi, Rick Ridg...
    A classic tale of derring-do: The Great Escape meets Touc...
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  • Kill Them All (Hardback)
    Sean McGlynn
    The bloody Albigensian Crusade launched against the Catha...
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  • Lara Pawson
    As well as shedding light on the events of 1977, this boo...
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  • James Copnall
    A lively and comprehensive guide to the fraught shared de...
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  • Col. Mike Snook
    In the early 1880s the Mahdi unleashed a spectacularly su...
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