• Andrew Bennett, Nicholas ...
    Praise for An Introduction to Literature, Criticism and T...
  • David Macey
    Many courses in literary or cultural studies include some...
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  • Performance Analysis (Paperback)
    Colin Counsell, Laurie Wolf
    This introductory performance studies coursebook brings t...
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  • Mick Short
    Examines how readers interact with literary works, how th...
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  • Authorship (Paperback)
    Dr. Sean Burke
    This anthology provides a solid theoretical base for all ...
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  • Guy Debord
    From £6.80
  • Metaphors We Live by (Paperback)
    George Lakoff, Mark Johnson
    George Lakoff and Mark Johnson suggest that basic metapho...
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  • Helen Vendler
    One of our foremost commentators examines the work of a b...
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  • Rust (Paperback)
    Jean-Michel Rabate
    It's happening all the time, all around us.
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  • Bergson (Paperback)
    Keith Ansell-Pearson
    A thought-provoking contribution to the renaissance of in...
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  • Kasper Juffermans, Constan...
    This book examines the powerful role of writing in society.
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  • Poetics (Paperback)
    This Norton Critical Edition of the world's first major w...
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  • Angela Boland, Gemma Cher...
    Structured around 10 key steps to complete the systematic...
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  • Cathy J. Schlund-Vials, Vi...
    Emerging from mid-century social movements, Civil Rights ...
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  • Shopping Mall (Paperback)
    Matthew Newton
    The mall near Mat thew Newton's childhood home in Pittsbu...
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  • Transference (Paperback)
    Jacques Lacan, Jacques Ala...
    "Alcibiades attempted to seduce Socrates, he wanted to ma...
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  • Beginning Theory (Paperback)
    Peter Barry
    Beginning theory has been helping students navigate throu...
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  • Jeffrey M. Hunt, R. Alden ...
    Writing down the epic tales of the Trojan War and the wan...
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