• National Theatre, Hui Skipp
    Discover how to create, direct and act in your very own p...
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  • 101 Movies to See Before You Grow Up (Paperback / softback)
    Suzette Valle
    From £5.48
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  • Beginning Drama 4-11 (Paperback)
    Miles Tandy, Joe Winston
    Updated and revised in the light of the National Literacy...
  • Julia Donaldson, Thomas D...
    A dramatic and touching illustrated World War Two play, w...
    From £8.99
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  • Music Legends (Hardback)
    Herve Guilleminot, Jerome ...
    The greatest hits...
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  • The Trilogy of Two (Paperback / softback)
    Juman Malouf
    Identical twins Sonja and Charlotte are musical prodigies...
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  • Pop-up Shakespeare (Hardback)
    The Reduced Shakespeare Com...
    Interactive spreads with dramatic pop-ups and lift-the-fl...
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  • Evan Placey
    This collection features four urgent and explosive plays ...
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  • Su Blackwell
    Including interchangeable scenery and delightful moveable...
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  • Chris Johnston
    Suitable for teachers and workshop leaders working with d...
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  • Teaching Drama, 11-18 (Paperback / softback)
    Helen Nicholson
    This work illustrates, describes and evaluates different ...
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  • Life in Motion (Hardback)
    Misty Copeland
    An autobiography by the first African-American principal ...
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  • Hide With Me (Hardback)
    Sorboni Banerjee
    Debut author Sorboni Banerjee crafts a gripping story abo...
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  • Harry Hill, Steve May
    But when Kitty suggests he takes a break to work on his r...
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  • Michael Bryher
    An exciting and wide-ranging collection of audition speec...
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  • Everyday I Make Greatness Happen (Paperback / softback)
    Richard Molloy
    It's back to school with a bang for Alisha, Iman and Kare...
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  • Let's Perform! (Paperback / softback)
    Cath Howe
    From 'They're Digging up my School Today' to 'The Giant A...
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  • Spooked! (Hardback)
    Gail Jarrow
    This nonfiction YA title explores in riveting detail the ...
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