• National Theatre, Hui Skipp
    Discover how to create, direct and act in your very own p...
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  • National Theatre
    Described by Benedict Cumberbatch as "a brilliant introdu...
  • Beginning Drama 4-11 (Paperback)
    Miles Tandy, Joe Winston
    Updated and revised in the light of the National Literacy...
  • Chris Johnston
    Suitable for teachers and workshop leaders working with d...
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  • Teaching Drama, 11-18 (Paperback)
    Helen Nicholson
    This work illustrates, describes and evaluates different ...
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  • Mackenzie Ziegler
    Mackenzie Ziegler, singer, dancer and Instagram star, off...
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  • DK
    Dress Up Ultimate Sticker Book is full of dress-up ideas ...
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  • Freefall Summer (Hardback)
    Tracy Barrett
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  • Emma (Paperback)
    Susanna Sutus
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  • Becoming Judy Garland (Paperback)
    Randy L Schmidt
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  • Perdita Cargill, Honor Ca...
    Geek Girl meets Fame meets New Girl in this brilliantly f...
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  • Phakama (Paperback)
    Caoimhe McAvinchey, Fabio ...
    An international arts organisation and network engaging w...
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  • Top Girls (Paperback)
    Caryl Churchill, Sophie Bush
    Marlene thinks the eighties are going to be stupendous.
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  • Michael Hedley Burton
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  • Girl on Pointe (Hardback)
    Chloe Lukasiak, Nancy Ohlin
    Chloe Lukasiak believes that things happen for a reason.
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  • Randy L Schmidt
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  • Mama Africa! (Hardback)
    Kathryn Erskine, Charly P...
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  • Maggie Inchley
    Key features include a critical commentary of the play w...
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