• Hot Barrels! (Hardback)
    J. C. Jeremy Hobson, Bryn ...
    With wide appeal to anyone involved in shooting, this fas...
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  • True to the Line (Hardback)
    Adrian Dangar, Daniel Crane
    Unique insight into the eccentricities, controversies and...
    From £10.17
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  • Simon Gawesworth
    Covers spey techniques useful for all rods.
    From £19.65
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  • Bryn Parry
    At last, the most useful gift and piece of kit for every ...
    From £7.61
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  • Sharpshooter (Hardback)
    Alasdair Mitchell, Johnny ...
    Published in co-operation with Shooting Times, this is a ...
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  • Rob Beattie
    Written by experts and offering readers the opportunity t...
    From £4.16
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  • Douglas Higbee
    Despite the academy having a reputation for supporting br...
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  • Don Currie
    Mastering Sporting Clays is a perfect guide for all level...
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  • J. Keith Lynch
    From £15.62
  • Michael Devenish
    The Little Book of Fishing Tips is an essential for your ...
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  • Rifle Marksmanship (Paperback)
    Department of the Army
    Rifle Marksmanship is the newly revised, official guide t...
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  • Adrian Hallgarth
    From £47.17
  • David E Petzal, Phil Bour...
    This is the new trade paperback edition of Field& Stream'...
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  • Reid Bryant, Simon Perkins
    An extensively illustrated and definitive resource that e...
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  • David E. Petzal, Phil Bou...
    This revised edition of the popular 2012 title is the mos...
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  • Will Millard
    Growing up on the Cambridgeshire Fens, Will Millard never...
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  • Tom Quinn
    A unique collection of hilarious fishing tales from the l...
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  • Hunting and Shooting (Paperback)
    Daniel Beard
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