• The World's Wife (Paperback)
    Carol Ann Duffy, Jeanette ...
    'The World's Wife is a joyous exuberant book of poems abo...
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  • Alexandra Fuller, Anne En...
    A story of civil war; of a quixotic battle against nature...
    From £7.59
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  • The Woman Warrior (Paperback)
    Maxine Hong Kingston, Xiao...
    A seminal piece of writing about emigration and identity
    From £6.39
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  • Boris Avrukh
    From £19.68
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  • New Selected Poems (Paperback)
    Carol Ann Duffy
    The essential Carol Ann Duffy
    From £10.01
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  • F. William Engdahl
  • Yoko Hasegawa
    A comprehensive yet concise survey of Japanese linguistic...
    From £90.33
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  • The Prodigal Tongue (Hardback)
    Lynne Murphy
    A laugh-out-loud dissection of the linguistic myths surro...
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  • Naked (Hardback)
    Krista K. Thomason
    Shame is a Jekyll-and-Hyde emotion-it can be morally valu...
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  • Linda Pilliere, Wilfrid A...
    Leading researchers shed new light on the history of the ...
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  • Subhuman (Hardback)
    T. J. Kasperbauer
    From £20.27
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  • Simon Horobin
    How has the English language evolved into the version we ...
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  • Isherwood (Paperback)
    Peter Parker
    The definitive biography of one of the twentieth century'...
    From £10.94
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  • Narratives Online (Hardback)
    Ruth Page
    Investigates how stories are shared in online contexts an...
    From £67.43
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  • John Baugh
    Explores the role of linguistics in promoting justice and...
    From £67.43
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  • Sara Mills
    A revealing account of politeness in conversation, focusi...
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  • Born Free (Paperback)
    Joy Adamson
    The classic story of Elsa the lioness and the woman who c...
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  • Feminine Gospels (Paperback)
    Carol Ann Duffy
    A dazzling, dashing collection from the Poet Laureate.
    From £6.39
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