• The Brave Athlete (Paperback)
    Simon Marshall Phd, Lesley...
    The Brave Athlete solves the 13 most common mental conund...
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    Save £5.90
  • A Life Without Limits (Paperback)
    Chrissie Wellington
    The amazing life story of Britain's world conquering tria...
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  • Rich Roll
    From £8.33
    Save £5.66
  • Courage to Tri (Paperback)
    Bethany Rutledge
    Have you dreamed of crossing a finish line but felt like ...
    From £9.19
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  • Swim Speed Secrets (Paperback)
    Sheila Taormina
    "Originally published in 2010 as Call the Suit by Sheila ...
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  • Irongran (Paperback)
    Edwina Brocklesby
    An inspiring and entertaining guide to staying healthy in...
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  • Don Fink, Melanie Fink
    From £15.29
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  • Triathlon (Paperback)
    Dominic Bliss
    Whether you're thinking about taking part in your first s...
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  • Loo Rolls to Lycra (Paperback)
    Caroline Bramwell
    Loo Rolls to Lycra is an inspirational tale of self-belief.
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  • Fast-Track Triathlete (Paperback)
    Matt Dixon
    In Fast-Track Triathlete, elite triathlon coach Matt Dixo...
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  • Susan Lacke
    Susan and Carlos were unlikely friends.
    From £10.16
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  • Geoff Tibballs
    A light-hearted look at some truly weird sporting events ...
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  • Iron Rookie
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  • Haseeb Ahmad
    Haseeb Ahmad started to lose his sight at 10 years old.
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  • Amanda Newton
    On the 9th August 2015, Amanda Newton's life was changed ...
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  • Average to Epic (Paperback)
    Don Rose
    Average to Epic is an integrated manual for helping men a...
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  • Ageless Strength (Paperback)
    Jeffrey Horowitz
    Ageless Strength shows athletes and active people how to ...
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  • Women Who Tri (Paperback)
    Alicia DiFabio
    What would you do if half your town caught triathlon mani...
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