• Bruce Kuklick
    Shibe Park was demolished in 1976, and today its site is ...
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  • Breaking Babe Ruth (Hardback)
    Edmund F. Wehrle
    Rather than as a Falstaffian figure of limited intellect,...
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  • Emily Ruth Rutter
    From the pioneering Cuban Giants (1885-1915) to the Negro...
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  • Kittle, Logan, Hemond
    Recapture all the thrills of Chicago White Sox baseball-u...
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  • Douglas B. Lyons
    Relive the greatest home runs in Yankees history!
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  • Hurricane Season (Hardback)
    Joe Holley
  • Gil Hodges (Paperback)
    Mort Zachter
    In descriptions of athletes, the word "hero" is bandied a...
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  • Pinstripe Nation (Hardback)
    William Carlson Bishop
    Whether loved or reviled, the New York Yankees have had a...
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  • Home of the Braves (Hardback)
    Patrick Steele
    When the struggling Boston Braves relocated to Milwaukee ...
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  • Chicago Tribune Staff
    A beautiful and detail-rich hardbound collection of Chica...
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  • Stanley Cohen
    The Story of the Greatest Yankees Team--and Baseball Team...
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  • Cuba Loves Baseball (Hardback)
    Ira Block, Bob Costas, Si...
    A stunning book of colorful photos that brings baseball i...
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  • David Benham, Jason Benham
    The events that led the Benham Brothers to play professio...
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  • The Hometown Team (Hardback)
    Babineau, Shalin, Eckersley...
    Relive the Red Sox glory days, through the lens of longti...
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  • Aaron Gleeman
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  • Averell "Ace" Smith
    Soon after Satchel Paige arrived at spring training in 19...
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  • Richard Sandomir
    Timed to the 75th anniversary of the beloved classic Prid...
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  • The Cubs Way (Paperback)
    Tom Verducci
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