• Training Food (Paperback)
    Renee McGregor
    When you're in training, aiming to beat personal goals, w...
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  • Coaching Process (Paperback)
    Neville Cross, John Lyle
    Demonstrates the importance of applying basic sports scie...
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  • Fast After 50 (Paperback)
    Joe Friel
    Drawing from the research on aging and sports performance...
    From £16.26
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  • The Runner's Cookbook (Paperback)
    Anita Bean
    This is the ultimate nutrition guide and cookbook for run...
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  • British Horse Society
    Volume 2 introduces lungeing a horse for exercise, with p...
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  • Julian Goater, Don Melvin
    Provides you with a fresh approach to running, achieving ...
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  • David Bellomo
    Develop explosive power, speed, and stamina for athletics...
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  • Morc Coulson, David Archer
    An indispensible guide for anyone involved in prescribing...
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  • British Horse Society
    A great foundation for any aspiring equestrian providing ...
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  • Jonathan Beverly
    Runner's World Your Best Stride is designed to help runne...
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  • The Brave Athlete (Paperback)
    Simon Marshall Phd, Lesley...
    The Brave Athlete solves the 13 most common mental conund...
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  • Fabian Seeger
    The Soccer Games and Drills Compendium is a comprehensive...
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  • Meb for Mortals (Paperback)
    Meb Keflezighi, Scott Dou...
    Meb For Mortals describes in unprecedented detail how thr...
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  • Make or Break (Paperback)
    Dave Macleod
    From £25.22
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  • Complete Calisthenics (Paperback)
    Ashley Kalym
    Using solely their bodyweight for resistance and relying ...
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  • Solitary Fitness (Paperback)
    Charles Bronson, Stephen ...
    Charlie Bronson has spent decades in solitary confinement...
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  • Mike Stroud
    In this fascinating book based soundly in medical science...
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  • Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, Wi...
    Provides an examination of the fundamental concepts and p...
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