• Marta McDowell
    A fascinating look at the gardens that helped inspire the...
    From £11.19
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  • Nathan Harrison, Chris Be...
    British Gardens in Time takes four iconic gardens, each a...
    From £12.67
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  • Caroline Foley
    This colourful and lively history book tells the story of...
    From £12.67
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  • The Arts and Crafts Garden (771) (Paperback)
    Sarah Rutherford
    Explores the winding paths and meticulously shaped hedges...
    From £4.91
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  • Gardening Women (Hardback)
    Catherine Horwood
    * An inspirational social history of women's involvement ...
    From £14.21
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  • Paul Power
    From £13.01
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  • Homegrown Tea (Paperback)
    Cassie Liversidge
    Explains how to grow a large variety of plants in your ow...
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  • Mel Bartholomew
    Adapted from the 2-million-copy U.S. bestseller All New S...
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  • Liz Dobbs
    From £3.88
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  • Sydney Eddison
    Gentle, personable and practical, helps transform gardeni...
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  • The Writer's Garden (Hardback)
    Jackie Bennett, Richard H...
    In this book of 25 gardens, the author examines how the p...
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  • Charles Dowding
    A look behind the apparent complexities of gardening advi...
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  • Geoff Hodge
    From the publisher of the bestselling RHS Latin for Garde...
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  • Tim Richardson, Andrew La...
    A comprehensive overview of the contemporary English gard...
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  • The Savage Garden (Paperback)
    Peter D'Amato
    From £13.77
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  • Zia Allaway, Lia Leendertz
    Suitable for every gardener, this title offers detailed g...
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  • Gertrude Jekyll (Hardback)
    Rosamund Wallinger
    This book presents a rare visual record of the garden's h...
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  • Royal Horticultural Society
    This sturdy flexibound RHS Plant Notebook is pocket-sized...
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