• The Strangest Man (Paperback)
    Graham Farmelo
    'A monumental achievement - one of the great scientific b...
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  • Reid Railton (Book)
    Karl Ludvigsen
    Reid Antony Railton, Cheshire-born automotive engineer pa...
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  • Henry A. McGhie
    This book explores the life of Henry Dresser (1838-1915),...
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  • Michael Brooks
    This is a landmark in science writing.
    From £9.79
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  • Glyn Davies
    The Lysander, Canberra, Lightning and Folland Gnat are ma...
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  • Rebecca Skloot
    The internationally bestselling story of a young woman wh...
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  • The Lost Boys (Paperback)
    Gina Perry
    The fascinating true story of one of the most controversi...
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  • Ships of Mercy (Paperback)
    Don Stephens
    The improbable but thrilling story of how a Colorado farm...
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  • Mauro L. Baranzini, Amalia...
    With scientific outputs spanning more than six decades (1...
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  • Leonardo Da Vinci (Hardback)
    Walter Isaacson
    The author of the internationally-acclaimed bestsellers B...
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  • Frank Whittle (Paperback)
    Andrew Nahum
    Blending genius, tragedy, heroism and war, Andrew Nahum t...
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  • Charles Darwin (Hardback)
    A. N. Wilson
    A radical reappraisal of Charles Darwin from the bestsell...
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  • Dr James Barry (Paperback)
    Jeremy Dronfield
    A Sunday Times Best Book of the Year and a BBC Radio 2 Bo...
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  • Brian Cox (Paperback)
    Ben Falk
    Featuring exclusive interviews and in-depth research, thi...
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  • Helge Kragh
    This book tells the fascinating history of cosmology usin...
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  • Einstein (Hardback)
    Walter Isaacson
    Albert Einstein is synonymous with genius.
  • Neil Armstrong (Hardback)
    Jay Barbree
    Timed to coincide with the 45th anniversary of the Apollo...
  • R.Charles Mollan
    A revealing account of the family life and achievements o...
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