• Victoria & Abdul (Paperback)
    Shrabani Basu
    The tall, handsome Abdul Karim was just twenty-four years...
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  • Man Belong Mrs Queen (Paperback)
    Matthew Baylis
    From £8.04
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  • Joanna Marschner, David B...
    "This publication accompanies the exhibition Enlightened ...
    From £37.96
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  • Leah Kharibian, Jane Roberts
    From £9.26
    Save £5.69
  • The Dublin King (Hardback)
    John Ashdown-Hill
    A year after Richard III's death, a boy claiming to be a ...
  • John Guy
    Charismatic, insatiable and cruel, Henry VIII was a king ...
  • Ma'am Darling (Hardback)
    Craig Brown
    From £12.20
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  • Matthew Lewis
    The first book to explore the true fate of the Princes in...
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  • Stephen Ede-Borrett
    Between James' accession in February 1685 and flight in D...
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  • Noel Botham
    A whole nation stood paralysed at the news of Princess Di...
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  • The Lost Kings (Hardback)
    Amy Licence
    The majority of these young men died in their teens, on t...
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  • Henry IV (Paperback)
    Chris Given-Wilson
    Henry IV (1399-1413), the son of John of Gaunt, duke of L...
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  • The Black Prince (Hardback)
    Michael Jones
    A major new biography of the Black Prince: hero of the ba...
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  • Crown of Blood (Paperback)
    Nicola Tallis
    Nicola Tallis's dramatic retelling of an often misread ta...
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  • Prince Charles (Hardback)
    Sally Bedell Smith
    Prince Charles: The passions and paradoxes of an impossib...
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  • Victoria: The Queen (Paperback)
    Julia Baird
    'A stunning achievement . . .Neither sanitized nor mythol...
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  • Colour Bar (Paperback)
    Susan Williams
    Originally published: London: Allen Lane, 2006.
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  • Frederick the Great (Paperback)
    Tim Blanning
    'Highly readable and deeply researched' - Andrew Roberts ...
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