Preserving & freezing

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  • Ferment (Hardback)
    Holly Davis
    Fermented foods may have an ancient history but they are ...
    From £12.48
    Save £7.52
  • Too Good to Waste (Hardback)
    Victoria Glass
    Make food waste a thing of the past, with this guide to g...
    From £8.01
    Save £6.98
  • Amanda Feifer
    From £10.16
    Save £5.83
  • Fermented Vegetables (Paperback)
    Kristen Shockey, Christoph...
    Even beginners can make their own fermented foods!
    From £10.93
    Save £7.06
  • Emma MacDonald
    The best book on preserving from an expert in the field, ...
    From £11.40
    Save £8.60
  • William Collins
    Offers recipes for cooking with your custom-made vinegars...
    From £4.23
    Save £1.76
  • Salumi (Hardback)
    Michael Ruhlman, Brian Po...
    The craft of Italian salumi, now accessible to the Americ...
    From £22.35
    Save £7.65
  • Sandor Ellix Katz
    Katz presents the concepts and processes behind fermentat...
    From £17.41
    Save £12.59
  • Preserves (Hardback)
    Jill Nice
    This beautifully illustrated, practical and easy-to-use g...
  • Andrew Langley
    50 tips on how to make perfect jams and preserves.
  • Steve Maxwell, Jennifer M...
    This book takes a fresh look at the art, science and roma...
    From £9.77
    Save £7.18
  • The Dehydrator Bible (Paperback)
    Jennifer MacKenzie, Jay N...
    The definitive guide to preserving food using modern kitc...
    From £11.00
    Save £5.95
  • Jams & Chutneys (Hardback)
    Thane Prince
    Offers information on what you need to know to make sweet...
  • Preserves (No. 2) (Hardback)
    Pam Corbin
    In the second of the River Cottage Handbook series, Pam C...
    From £9.95
    Save £5.04
  • Jamie DeMent
    From £11.63
    Save £7.36
  • Karen Solomon
    This preserving guide not only shows how to make protein-...
    From £12.77
    Save £2.22
  • Lee O-Young, Lee Kyou-Tae
    Kimchi is the newest star on the Asian culinary stage.
    From £9.04
    Save £3.95
  • Teresa Marrone
    Drying fruit, vegetables, and beans and creating fruit le...
    From £11.38
    Save £7.61