• Caroline Weir, Robin Weir
    Covers ice creams, gelato, graniti, bombes, parfaits, and...
  • Chloe Timms
    Easy-to-make caramel treats to get you drooling
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    Save £5.86
  • Cheesecake (Hardback)
    Hannah Miles
    Discover your dream dessert in this collection of scrumpt...
    From £8.85
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  • The Virtuous Tart (Hardback)
    Susan Jane White
    In The Virtuous Tart, Susan Jane takes you by the hand to...
    From £14.48
    Save £7.51
  • Cheesecake (Hardback)
    Hannah Miles
    Cheesecakes are one of the oldest desserts in existence, ...
  • Chloe Coscarelli
    The first vegan winner of Cupcake WarsChef Chloe brings h...
    From £8.24
    Save £4.75
  • Freakshakes (Hardback)
    Paul Cadby
    Over the top, mega and indulgent are the best words to de...
    From £6.37
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  • Sumayya Usmani, Joanna Yee
    Mountain Berries and Desert Spice introduces home cooks t...
    From £12.13
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  • Pana Barbounis
    Pana Chocolate, The Recipes redefines the boundaries for ...
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  • Darren Purchese
    Hailed as Australia's Willy Wonka, Darren Purchese is ren...
    From £11.48
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  • Sweet Middle East (Hardback)
    Anissa Helou, Linda Pugliese
    The seductive flavours of the Middle East have won over f...
    From £9.28
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  • Bernard Laurance, Amelie ...
    From £9.01
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  • Honey & Oats (Hardback)
    Jennifer Katzinger
    Baking with whole grain flours and natural sweeteners doe...
    From £11.48
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  • Vegan Ice Cream (Hardback)
    Jeff Rogers
    From £8.79
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  • Heather Connell
    Written by Heather Connell, author of the popular blog Mu...
    From £8.47
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  • Jenny McCoy, Emeril Lagasse
    Award-winning pastry chef Jenny McCoy presents her imagin...
  • Ryland Peters & Small
    Nothing beats a home-baked fruit dessert served warm from...
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  • No Bake Makery (Hardback)
    Cristina Suarez Krumsick
    From the proprietor and chef of Brooklyn's NO BAKE MAKERY...