• The Ghost (Hardback)
    Susan Owens
    "Five thousand years have now elapsed since the creation ...
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  • Haunted Places (Hardback)
    Robert Grenville
    From £13.57
    Save £6.42
  • The English Ghost (Hardback)
    Peter Ackroyd
    From medieval times to today, stories have been told and ...
  • Will Storr
    When journalist and ghost sceptic Will Storr heads to Phi...
    From £8.99
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  • Jean-Claude Schmitt, Teres...
    This study examines medieval religious culture and the si...
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  • Logan Corelli
    Features stories of fifteen highly haunted locations by ...
    From £8.33
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  • Norman (Paperback)
    Stephen Lancaster
    Norman is the bizarre and terrifying story of a doll that...
    From £8.33
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  • The Craftsman (Hardback)
    Sharon Bolton
    Award-winning writer Sharon Bolton is back with her most ...
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  • Jeffrey Santos
    Yorktown, Virginia, is a picturesque and historic colonia...
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  • Nicole Strickland
    Discover the historical tapestry of San Diego through a h...
    From £11.96
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  • The Vertical Plane (Paperback)
    Ken Webster
    A unique supernatural detective story.
    From £7.43
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  • Carol Matsumoto
    Tells the fascinating story of how a historic Connecticut...
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  • Ghost Studies (Paperback)
    Brandon Massullo
    From £9.34
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  • Ghosts of Wales (Paperback)
    Mark Rees
    This book reveals for the first time 50 terrifying - and ...
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  • Rich Newman
    Includes more than 160 locations related to the Civil War...
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  • Real Ghost Stories (Paperback)
    Tony Brueski, Jenny Brueski
    Based on true, real-life experiences from people all over...
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  • A Haunting Place (Paperback)
    Glen Williams
    A Haunting Place explores both mysterious and ghostly en...
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  • Creepy California (Paperback)
    Keven McQueen
    Beneath California's scenic landscape lies a strange and ...
    From £8.89
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