• Linux Mint Essentials (Paperback)
    Jay LaCroix
    A task-oriented look at Linux Mint, using actual real-wor...
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  • Stefan Umit Uygur
    This practical book outlines the steps needed to perform ...
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  • Debian 7 (Paperback)
    Rich Pinkall Pollei
    A step-by-step, example-based guide to learning how to in...
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  • R. A. Penfold
  • The Debian System (Paperback)
    Martin Krafft
  • Linux Bible (Paperback)
    Christopher Negus
    Great Content from a Bestselling Author: The Linux Bible ...
  • Linux Bible (Paperback)
    Christopher Negus
    Get ready to master the basics and beyond with this in-de...
  • Linux Bible (Paperback)
    Christopher Negus
    Covers the familiar Linux flavors as well as some distrib...
  • The The Debian System (Paperback)
    Martin Krafft
    Despite its reputation as an operating system exclusively...
  • David B. Harris, Jaldhar ...
    Features comprehensive, beginning-to-advanced coverage of...
  • Debian GNU/Linux Bible (Mixed media product)
    Steve Hunger
    Debian GNU/Linux is one of the major Linux distributions.
  • Debian GNU/Linux For Dummies (Mixed media product)
    Michael Bellomo
    Debian is a "non-commercial" version of the Linux operati...
  • Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 Unleashed (Mixed media product)
    Aaron Van Couwenberghe
    Shows the reader how to install, configure and manage the...
  • Installing Debian GNU/Linux (Mixed media product)
    Thomas Down
    Debian GNU/Linux is one of the most difficult distributio...
  • Learning Debian GNU/Linux (Mixed media product)
    Bill McCarty
    This text guides the new user through the setup and opera...
  • Debian GNU/Linux (Mixed media product)
    John Goerzen, Ossama Othman
    Debian is an open source Linux-based operating system, co...