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  • Just Kids (Paperback)
    Patti Smith
    Winner of the 2010 Non-Fiction National Book Award Patti ...
    From £7.14
    Save £2.85
  • Simply Thrilled (Hardback)
    Simon Goddard
    They had just a few hundred pounds, one band missing a dr...
  • Richard Jobson
    From school punk to modern day film producer Richard Jobs...
    From £12.36
    Save £7.63
  • Keaton Henson
    The Tallowmere Annual is a unique collection of words, so...
    From £31.61
    Save £18.39
  • Viv Albertine
    To Throw Away Unopened is a fearless dissection of one wo...
    From £8.82
    Save £6.17
  • Mute (Hardback)
    Daniel Miller, Terry Burrows
    The authoritative, sumptuously illustrated history of Mut...
    From £17.35
    Save £10.65
  • the Sex Pistols
    The inside story of the year that changed everything - as...
    From £17.68
    Save £7.32
  • No Future (Paperback)
    Matthew Worley
    An innovative history of British youth culture during the...
    From £15.40
    Save £2.59
  • Kieron Tyler
    The Sex Pistols, The Damned and The Clash were the origin...
    From £11.83
    Save £8.17
  • Wolfgang Flur
    Kraftwerk: I Was a Robot is the full insider's story of t...
    From £9.24
    Save £7.75
  • Tony McGartland
    BUZZCOCKS - THE COMPLETE HISTORY is the bible for fans of...
    From £6.18
    Save £1.81
  • The Roxy Our Story (Paperback)
    Andrew Czezowski, Susan C...
    From £17.47
    Save £2.53
  • Heath Mattioli
    Famous for its revolutionary aspects in musical, politica...
    From £12.34
    Save £8.65
  • Arguments Yard (Paperback)
    Attila Stockbroker
    Launched into public consciousness by John Peel in the ea...
    From £9.22
    Save £5.77
  • John Lydon
    Paperback edition of the autobiography of one of popular ...
    From £6.33
    Save £3.66
  • Dick Porter
    Based upon work and materials compiled for the acclaimed ...
    From £9.22
    Save £7.73
  • Chris Stein, Deborah Harr...
    On the occasion of Blondie's fortieth anniversary, Chris ...
    From £21.80
    Save £13.20
  • Mad World (Paperback)
    Lori Majewski, Jonathan B...
    Mad World is a highly entertaining oral history that cele...
    From £7.84
    Save £5.15