Ethical & social aspects of computing

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  • DIY Citizenship (Paperback)
    Matt Ratto, Megan Boler, ...
    How social media and DIY communities have enabled new for...
    From £18.69
    Save £8.31
  • Designing Reality (Hardback)
    Neil Gershenfeld, Alan Ge...
    Fabrication promises the end of work and a revolution in ...
    From £16.48
    Save £6.51
  • Surveillance Valley (Hardback)
    Yasha Levine
    From £18.29
  • Martin Ford
    Winner of the Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book ...
  • The Dark Net (Paperback)
    Jamie Bartlett
    Beyond the familiar online world that most of us inhabit ...
    From £7.31
    Save £2.68
  • Affective Publics (Paperback)
    Zizi Papacharissi
    Over the past few decades, we have witnessed the growth o...
    From £18.64
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  • The Political Web (Paperback)
    Peter Dahlgren
    As democracy encounters difficulties, many citizens are t...
    From £12.52
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  • Helen Donelan, Karen Kear...
    Presents a set of articles that cover a range of differen...
    From £25.16
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  • Terrell Ward Bynum, Simon ...
    From £23.75
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  • N. Katherine Hayles
    Separating hype from fact, this text investigates the fat...
    From £12.58
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  • Mehmet Kaya, Jalal Kawash...
    This book is a timely collection of chapters that present...
    From £77.69
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  • Antisocial Media (Hardback)
    Siva Vaidhyanathan
    Antisocial Media, is the path-breaking initial step towar...
    From £16.65
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  • Engineering Multi-Agent Systems (10738) (Paperback)
    Amal El Fallah-Seghrouchni...
    The 11 full papers presented in this volume were carefull...
    From £47.46
  • Robert G. Reynolds
    The author first introduces the basic framework for cultu...
    From £33.38
    Save £11.61
  • Simulating Societies (6) (Hardback)
    Nigel Gilbert, Jim Doran
    The most exciting and productive areas of academic inquir...
    From £77.32
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  • Social Information Access (10100) (Paperback)
    Peter Brusilovsky, Daqing He
    Social information access is defined as a stream of resea...
    From £94.45
  • Rocci Luppicini
    Examines the existing intellectual platform within the fi...
    From £130.81
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  • Critical Technology (Paperback)
    Graeme Kirkpatrick
    Have we resigned ourselves to a cyber-future that has bee...
    From £29.74
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