• Roger Greeno
    Provides a concise guide to the installation and design o...
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  • Duncan Marshall, Derek Wo...
    The fifth edition of this successful textbook is aimed sp...
    From £33.31
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  • House Inspector (Paperback)
    Duncan Marshall, Nigel Dann
    Serves as a guide to building defects and building inspec...
    From £28.19
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  • Basic Surveying (Paperback)
    Raymond Paul, Walter Whyte
    A guide to practice and equipment for non-specialist surv...
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  • Charles Ward
    Written from an `in house' perspective in response to the...
    From £35.81
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  • Surveying (Paperback)
    S.S. Bhavikatti
    Examines surveying theory and practice for civil engineer...
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  • Bill Sanderson
    Asbestos for Surveyors is a practical reference guide for...
    From £110.53
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  • Underground Sensing (Paperback)
    Sibel Pamukcu, Liang Cheng
    Underground Sensing: Monitoring and Hazard Detection for ...
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  • Charles D. Ghilani
    The definitive guide to bringing accuracy to measurement,...
    From £112.35
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  • House Inspector (Hardback)
    Duncan Marshall, Nigel Dann
    This book is a concise and comprehensive guide to buildin...
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  • Gareth W. Evans
    Visual images play an integral part in the surveying, dev...
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  • Austen Imber
    For surveyors thinking of taking this step, guidance is p...
    From £76.85
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  • Duncan Cartlidge
    Despite client criticism and a mountain of reports and st...
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  • Martin Farr
    The object of the book is to provide the commercial prope...
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  • English Houses (Hardback)
    Bruce Munro
    From £76.85
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  • Ian A. Melville, Ian Gordon
    Inspections and Reports on Dwellings is a series of four ...
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  • Philip Bowcock, Natalie B...
    Advanced Excel for Surveyors is the companion to the high...
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  • Contemporary Legend (Paperback)
    Gillian Bennett, Paul Smith
    First published in 1996.
    From £49.49