• Alan Bullard
    This collection caters for church choirs of all types and...
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  • Robert Offord
    This is the history of a very succesfull traveling Gay me...
    From £11.94
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  • Shakespeare Songs (Sheet music)
    William Mathias
    This eight-movement work sets texts taken from different ...
    From £7.33
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  • European Sacred Music (Sheet music)
    John Rutter
    A collection of over 50 examples of sacred choral music f...
    From £12.55
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  • French Vocal Literature (Paperback / softback)
    Georgine Resick
    French Vocal Literature introduces singers to the history...
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  • I wish you Christmas (Paperback / softback)
    John Rutter
    This uplifting Christmas carol demonstrates Rutter's gift...
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  • The Very Best Time of Year (Paperback / softback)
    John Rutter
    With a text by the composer, this secular carol is a true...
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  • Angels' Carol (Paperback / softback)
    John Rutter
    Full score for the joyful carol of celebration with the r...
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  • Markus Rathey
    Every year, Johann Sebastian Bach's major vocal works are...
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  • Thou, my love, art fair (Sheet music)
    Bob Chilcott
    Thou, my love, art fair sets the William Baldwin poem Chr...
    From £2.84
  • Andrew Gant
    Andrew Gant's compelling account traces English church mu...
  • Candlelight Carol (Sheet music)
    John Rutter
    Inspired by Geertgen's painting Nativity at Night, Candle...
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  • J.S. Bach (Paperback / softback)
    J. S. Bach
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  • Anthony Marks, Adrian Lucas
    Since its launch in 1999, Voice for Life has become estab...
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  • A Prayer of St Columba (Sheet music)
    Cecilia McDowall
    for SA and Men Offprinted from The Oxford Book of Easy Fl...
    From £2.92
  • Erlking (Erlkoenig) (Sheet music)
    Franz Schubert, Ian Crawford
    Ian Crawford's arrangement of Schubert's famous and brill...
    From £3.56
  • Sacred Choruses (Sheet music)
    John Rutter
    A companion volume to Sacred Choruses of dedicated three-...
    From £14.12
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  • Because it was you (Sheet music)
    Bob Chilcott
    This expressive celebration of friendship sets a text by ...
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