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  • John Moore
    A unique history of the River Clyde and the communities a...
    From £17.41
    Save £12.59
  • The Phantom Atlas (Hardback)
    Edward Brooke-Hitching
    The astonishing story of the maps and atlases throughout ...
    From £13.38
    Save £11.62
  • Terry Wyke, Brian Robson,...
    The first history of Manchester and its conurbation based...
    From £17.41
    Save £12.59
  • Thomas Reinertsen Berg, Al...
    A beautifully presented, prize-winning book about how map...
    From £16.60
    Save £13.40
  • Jasmine Desclaux-Salachas
    Cartographics is a stunning collection of maps designed i...
    From £15.74
    Save £14.26
  • John Moore
    A visually stunning collection featuring 80 maps, with ac...
    From £17.41
    Save £12.59
  • Ashley Baynton-Williams
    An expert cartographic researcher uncovers 100 curious, e...
  • Map (Hardback)
    Phaidon Editors, John Hessler
    300 stunning maps from all periods and from all around th...
    From £24.80
    Save £15.15
  • Mapping It Out (Hardback)
    Tom McCarthy, Hans-Ulrich ...
    Features over 130 leading lights from different fields ar...
    From £15.71
    Save £9.24
  • Peter Barber
    Over the past 2000 years London has developed from a smal...
    From £18.03
    Save £11.97
  • Map Of A Nation (Paperback / softback)
    Rachel Hewitt
    The fascinating story of the creation of the Ordnance Sur...
    From £8.66
    Save £2.33
  • The Minard System (Hardback)
    Sandra Rendgen
    "From the Collection of the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et...
    From £24.80
    Save £20.20
  • Carolyn Anderson, Chris F...
    A magnificent full-colour collection of military maps of ...
    From £12.48
    Save £17.52
  • The Art of Map Illustration (Paperback / softback)
    James Gulliver Hancock, St...
    From £8.76
    Save £4.23
  • Cambridge Social and Cultural Histories (Series Number 24) (Paperback / softback)
    Surekha Davies
    Surekha Davies examines how Renaissance illustrated maps ...
    From £18.27
    Save £3.72
  • Alan Ereira
    Discover the incredible life of John Ogilby, shipwreck an...
    From £20.40
    Save £4.60
  • Mapping Medieval Geographies (Paperback / softback)
    Keith D. Lilley
    Mapping Medieval Geographies explores the connections bet...
    From £18.64
    Save £2.35
  • Charles Waldheim, Mohsen ...
    A veritable atlas of contemporary and historical maps and...
    From £17.41
    Save £12.59