• Cat Sense (Paperback / softback)
    John W. S. Bradshaw
    Cats are the most popular pet in the world.
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  • Animal (Hardback)
    Animal: The Definitive Visual Guide brings together the e...
    From £20.38
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  • John Bradshaw
    Why do humans love animals?
    From £14.61
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  • Juan J. Morrone
    Neotropical Biogeography: Regionalization and Evolution p...
    From £60.74
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  • Cuckoo (Hardback)
    Nick Davies
    Beloved as the herald of spring, cuckoos have held a plac...
  • The World of Birds (Hardback)
    Jonathan Elphick
    The World of Birds is a groundbreaking guide to every asp...
    From £24.38
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  • Zoo Animals (Paperback / softback)
    Geoff Hosey, Vicky Melfi,...
    Zoo Animals: Behaviour, Management and Welfare addresses ...
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  • Bird Sense (Paperback)
    Tim Birkhead
    A hugely engaging book about birds, their senses and beha...
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  • Bernard E. Matthews
    Concise and affordable introductory level undergraduate t...
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  • Sloths (Hardback)
    William Hartston
    A wonderfully entertaining celebration of that most uniqu...
    From £9.46
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  • True or Poo? (Hardback)
    Nick Caruso, Dani Rabaiotti
    The follow-through to the international sensation Does it...
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  • Stripped Bare (Hardback)
    David Bainbridge
    For more than two thousand years, comparative anatomy--th...
    From £16.45
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  • Shark Research (Hardback)
    Jeffery C. Carrier, Michae...
    Over the last decade, the study of shark biology has bene...
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  • Erica Fudge
    What was the life of a cow in early modern England like?
    From £52.57
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  • Quick Cattle and Dying Wishes (Paperback / softback)
    Erica Fudge
    What was the life of a cow in early modern England like?
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  • Indian Hotspots (Hardback)
    Chandrakasan Sivaperuman, ...
    This book offers a comprehensive account of India's four ...
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  • Ramasamy Santhanam, Santha...
    Sponges are the most primitive multicelled animals that h...
    From £145.58
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  • Chimpanzee Rights (Paperback / softback)
    Kristin Andrews, Gary L C...
    Expanded version of amici curiae brief submitted to the N...
    From £12.91
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