• Lawrie Ryan
    Advanced Chemistry for You has been carefully designed to...
  • Jim Clark
    Calculations in AS and A Level Chemistry guides your stud...
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  • 30-Second Chemistry (Hardback)
    Nivaldo J. Tro
    Chemistry is the science of matter - composition, structu...
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  • Alchemy & Mysticism (Hardback)
    Alexander Roob
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  • Satyajit Sarker, Lutfun N...
    Chemistry for Pharmacy Students is a student-friendly int...
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  • R. Gill
    The second edition of this innovative book provides 'geo...
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  • Plants That Kill (Hardback)
    Elizabeth Dauncey, Sonny ...
    Plants That Kill is not a field guide, clinical care manu...
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  • The Elements (Hardback)
    Adrian Dingle
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  • Matthew Hartings
    Introducing basic chemistry through everyday foods and me...
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  • Rob Ritchie, Dave Gent
    Written by curriculum and specification experts, this Stu...
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  • Ted Lister, Janet Renshaw
    Fully revised and updated for the new linear qualificatio...
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  • Science and Art (Hardback)
    Antonio Sgamellotti, Brune...
    A series of case studies to show how the cooperation betw...
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  • Royal Society of Chemistry
    Visual Elements Trumps is a fun, fast-paced chemistry car...
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  • Royal Society of Chemistry
    Elements Trumps is a fun, fast-paced chemistry card game ...
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  • Umami (Hardback)
    Ole G. Mouritsen, Klavs S...
    The West identifies four basic tastes--sour, sweet, salty...
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  • Terry L. Mathis, Shawn M. ...
    This book teaches methods for improving a company's safet...
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    "The most original and illuminating addiction memoir sinc...
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  • Thomas Goen, Andrea Hartwig
    Detailed, ready-to-use protocols for human biomonitoring ...