• 30-Second Astronomy (Hardback)
    Francois Fressin, Martin ...
    A beautifully illustrated, full-colour guide with all of ...
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  • Stuart Lowe, Chris North
    In this truly mind-blowing book, we use cutting edge info...
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  • Frederick Hans Willeboords...
    From £71.88
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  • Lee Billings
    Since its formation nearly five billion years ago, our pl...
    From £11.39
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  • Passport to Magonia (Paperback / softback)
    Jacques Vallee
    From £16.12
  • New Space Frontiers (Hardback)
    Piers Bizony
    From £13.53
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  • Starmus (Hardback)
    Garik Israelian, Brian Ma...
    Features talks, articles and recollections that celebrate...
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  • R.Charles Mollan
    A revealing account of the family life and achievements o...
    From £63.22
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  • Bang! (Hardback)
    Brian May, Patrick Moore,...
  • The Sky at Night (Hardback)
    CBE, DSc, FRAS, Patrick M...
    Collects questions sent in by viewers and fans, answered ...
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  • Ian Ridpath
    Completely revised and updated, this dictionary contains ...
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  • Celestial Mechanics (Paperback)
    Alessandra Celletti, Ettor...
    The aim of this book is to demonstrate to a wider audienc...
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  • Sun, Moon and Earth (Paperback)
    Robin Heath
    Provides an understanding of the incredible dance and mar...
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  • Unveiling Galaxies (Hardback)
    Jean-Rene Roy
    A thought provoking study of the powerful impact of image...
  • Sarbani Basu, William J. ...
    Studies of stars and stellar populations, and the discove...
    From £66.93
  • Stephen P. Blake
    Stephen P.
    From £19.44
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  • The Moon (Pamphlet)
    James Kavanagh, Waterford ...
    The brightest and largest object in the night sky, the Mo...
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  • The Night Sky (Pamphlet)
    James Kavanagh, Waterford ...
    This simplified guide to the night sky includes seasonal ...
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