• Richard Dawkins
    Charles Darwin's masterpiece, "On the Origin of Species",...
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  • Why Does E=mc2? (Paperback)
    Brian Cox, Jeff Forshaw
    An explanation of Einstein's equation that explores the p...
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  • Gut (Paperback)
    Giulia Enders, David Shaw
    Beginning with her personal experience of illness, the au...
    From £11.62
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  • The God Delusion (Paperback)
    Richard Dawkins
    Presenting different arguments for religion, this book de...
  • Sapiens (Paperback)
    Yuval Noah Harari
    Planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old.
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  • The Grand Design (Paperback)
    Stephen Hawking, Leonard ...
    Presents scientific thinking about the mysteries of the u...
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  • Bad Science (Paperback)
    Ben Goldacre
    Ben Goldacre's wise and witty bestseller, shortlisted for...
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  • On the Move (Hardback)
    Oliver Sacks
    When Oliver Sacks was twelve years old, a perceptive scho...
  • Testosterone Rex (Hardback)
    Cordelia Fine
    A landmark new book from Cordelia Fine, author of the hug...
    From £9.28
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  • The Vital Question (Hardback)
    Nick Lane
    Why is life the way it is?
  • The Knowledge (Paperback)
    Lewis Dartnell
    What key knowledge would you need to start rebuilding civ...
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  • Stuff Matters (Paperback)
    Mark A. Miodownik
    An exploration of human creativity.
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  • Bumpology (Paperback)
    Linda Geddes
    From the moment she discovers she's pregnant, every woman...
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  • The Genius of Dogs (Hardback)
    Brian Hare, Vanessa Woods
    The scientist who started the revolution in our understan...
  • Richard P. Feynman
    Describes everything from the author's love of beauty to ...
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  • Li (Paperback)
    David Wade
    Welsh Border architect David Wade has spent a lifetime ga...
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  • Carlo Rovelli
    'The physicist transforming how we see the universe' (Fin...
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  • The Reality Frame (Hardback)
    Brian Clegg
    Life, the universe and everything from science communicat...
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