History of art: ancient & classical art,BCE to c 500 CE

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  • Zhixin Jason Sun, I-Tien ...
    The first in-depth exploration of the artistic and cultur...
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  • King Tut (Hardback)
    Sandro Vannini
    Since the '90s, Sandro Vannini has produced complete phot...
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  • Beauty (Paperback)
    David Konstan
    What makes something beautiful?
    From £12.91
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  • Avi S. Lifschitz, Michael ...
    Ever since its publication in 1766, Lessing's Laocoon, or...
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  • Pompeii (Paperback)
    Paul Wilkinson
    The resonant ruins of Pompeii are perhaps the most direct...
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  • Harriet I. Flower
    The most pervasive gods in ancient Rome had no traditiona...
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  • Apostle (Paperback)
    Tom Bissell
    Peter, Matthew, Thomas, John: who were these men and thei...
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  • Mesopotamia (Hardback)
    Zainab Bahrani
    Presents a survey of art and architecture in Mesopotamia ...
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  • Celts (Paperback)
    Julia Farley, Fraser Hunter
    From £15.74
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  • Adela Oppenheim, Dorothea ...
    The first comprehensive survey of an artistically and cul...
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  • The Book of Trees (Hardback)
    Manuel Lima, Ben Shneiderman
    This book exposes our long-lasting obsession with trees, ...
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  • A box set containing the "Object in Focus" titles on five...
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  • James Whitley, Norman Yof...
    A synthesis of research on the material culture of Greece...
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  • Stan Beckensall
    Prehistoric rock art in Northumberland
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  • Jerome Jordan Pollitt
    This book consists of a collection of ancient literary ev...
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  • South from Ephesus (Paperback)
    Brian Sewell
    Weary of what he called the "tyranny" of western art, the...
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  • Christopher Lightfoot
    The Cesnola Collection of antiquities from Cyprus preserv...
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  • This second edition of the Guide to the Getty Villa, publ...