• Tort (Paperback)
    Professor Paula Giliker, ...
    This highly popular study presents a clear and current pi...
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  • Delictual Liability (Paperback)
    Joe Thomson
    Previous edition: Haywards Heath: Totel, 2009.
    From £39.39
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  • Tony Weir
    An Introduction to Tort Law offers a clear exposition of ...
    From £24.38
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  • W. V. H. Rogers
    The 16th edition of what aims to be the leading textbook ...
  • Street on Torts (Paperback)
    Christian Witting
    Street on Torts provides a scholarly and incisive treatme...
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  • Mark Lunney, Ken Oliphant
    The fifth edition of Lunney and Oliphant's market-leading...
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  • Solitary Confinement (Paperback)
    Lisa Guenther
    From £15.18
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  • Tort Law (Paperback)
    Kirsty Horsey, Erika Rackley
    Combining a lively and engaging writing style with a crit...
  • Delict (Paperback)
    Frank McManus
    Everything you need to know about the Scots Law of Delict...
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  • Donald Harris, David Camp...
    Remedies is one of the key organizing concepts of the obl...
    From £37.96
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  • The Wrongs of Tort (Paperback)
    Joanne Conaghan, Wade Man...
    'This is a truly first rate text, and, indeed, required r...
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  • The Damages Lottery (Paperback)
    Patrick Atiyah
    This searching critique of the present law and practice r...
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  • Marta Infantino, Eleni Ze...
    This book takes an original and comparative approach to i...
  • Defences in Tort (Paperback)
    Andrew Dyson, James Goudk...
    This book explores the links between tort law defences on...
    From £28.40
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  • Toxic Torts (Paperback)
    Carl F. Cranor
    Toxic Torts, 2nd edition shows how the American justice s...
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  • Defaming the Dead (Hardback)
    Don Herzog
    Do the dead have rights?
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  • Editorial Staff Publishers
    Provides extensive analysis of cases in the Prosser,Wade,...
    From £33.35
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  • Marshall S. Shapo
    An authoritative, in-depth study of issues in products li...
    From £385.48
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