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  • Ennio Morricone (Mixed media product)
    Sergio Miceli
    From £15.95
    Save £14.04
  • Robert S. Bader
    Before film made them international comedy legends, the M...
    From £23.29
    Save £15.21
  • Brando's Smile (Hardback)
    Susan L. Mizruchi
    A groundbreaking work that reveals how Marlon Brando shap...
    From £17.24
    Save £4.75
  • Graley Herren
    Text & Presentation, 2016 gathers some of the best work p...
    From £54.48
    Save £17.02
  • Balancing Acts (Hardback)
    Nicholas Hytner
    You start with a vision, and you deliver a compromise.
  • Julia Jarcho
    This book presents a new argument that reimagines modern ...
  • Perri Gaffney
    A Breakdown of the Broadway Business Model and How It Can...
    From £12.59
    Save £1.40
  • The Maddie Diaries (Hardback)
    Maddie Ziegler
    The autobiography of Maddie Ziegler, the break-out star o...
    From £9.62
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  • Dance Leadership (Hardback)
    Jane Alexandre
    This "what is"-rather than "how to"- volume proposes a th...
    From £48.69
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  • Acting Professionally (Paperback)
    James Calleri
    This is the essential guide for anyone interested in purs...
    From £17.78
    Save £5.21
  • Roadblocks in Acting (Paperback)
    Rob Roznowski
    A highly original guide for aspiring actors, which examin...
    From £17.07
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  • Dorota Semenowicz
    This book focuses on Romeo Castellucci's theatrical proje...
    From £40.25
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  • Christopher B. Balme
    The first in-depth study of theatre's relationship to the...
  • Roy Liebman
    Many important Broadway stars appeared in the cinema from...
    From £39.20
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  • Strolling Player (Hardback)
    Gabriel Hershman
    Albert Finney was a Salford-born, homework-hating bookie'...
    From £11.57
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  • Cathy Turner, Synne Behrndt
    Outlining different perspectives, this classic and field-...
    From £15.61
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  • Nandita Dinesh
    What does Immersive Theatre 'do'?
    From £35.83
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  • Theatre History Studies (Volume 35) (Paperback)
    Sara Freeman, Jennifer Do...
    Essays in part one of this volume address theatrical prod...
    From £28.66
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