• Policing Wildlife (Hardback)
    Angus Nurse
    Policing Wildlife examines both the extent and enforcemen...
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    Save £17.73
  • Animal Trials (Hardback)
    Edward Payson Evans
    From £6.37
    Save £3.62
  • Noel Sweeney
    A Practical Approach to Animal Welfare Law - designed to ...
    From £32.12
    Save £7.83
  • Irus Braverman
    Typically, the legal investigation of nonhuman life, and ...
    From £29.71
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  • Steven C. Tauber
    For much of our history, legal scholars focused predomina...
    From £80.61
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  • After Legal Equality (Paperback)
    Robert Leckey
    Groups seeking legal equality often take a victory as the...
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  • Carmen M. Cusack
    Examines animals' roles within society and the laws that ...
    From £58.01
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  • Animals in China (Hardback)
    Deborah Cao
    Just as China is called the world factory for manufacture...
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  • Abigail Perdue, Randall L...
    A collaboration between an attorney and an animal protect...
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  • Death at Seaworld (Paperback)
    David Kirby
    Following the story of Naomi Rose, a marine biologist and...
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  • Peter Sankoff, Steven Whi...
    This second entirely revised edition is a scholarly exami...
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  • Animal Welfare (Hardback)
    Earl B. Babb, Leonard C. ...
    From £65.86
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  • Christopher C. Marrone
    From £80.21
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  • Animal Harm (Hardback)
    Angus Nurse, Dr. Michael ...
    Taking a broad approach, the book considers the killing a...
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  • Animal Rights (Volume 71) (Paperback)
    Cara Acred
  • Phil Arkow, Eleonora Gullone
    Demonstrating that animal cruelty behaviours are another ...
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  • John McEldowney, Wyn Gran...
    'The Regulation of Animal Health and Welfare' draws on th...
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  • Peter North
    Addresses civil liability for harm done by animals includ...
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