• Joyce in Court (Hardback)
    Adrian Hardiman
    An accessible and original book about Joyce, by a hugely ...
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    Save £10.00
  • Rage for Order (Hardback)
    Lauren Benton, Lisa Ford
    Lauren Benton and Lisa Ford find the origins of internati...
    From £27.61
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  • The History Thieves (Hardback)
    Ian Cobain
    The shocking new book from the author of Cruel Britannia,...
    From £13.64
    Save £6.36
  • Thomas Grant
    A compelling portrait of the time when freedom of speech ...
    From £17.64
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  • Magna Carta (Hardback)
    Claire Breay, Julian Harr...
    Drawing on the rich historical collections of the British...
    From £39.86
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  • Bill Bowring
    This book provides a rich examination of Russia's particu...
    From £28.05
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  • Laurie Throness
    The Penitentiary Act of 1779 marks the beginning of a sig...
    From £85.67
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  • Chantal Stebbings
    This book reveals the surprising impact of medicine stamp...
  • Antonio Padoa-Schioppa
    The first English translation of a comprehensive legal hi...
  • Leslie F. Goldstein
    The U.S.
    From £76.25
    Save £28.75
  • Andrew R. C. Simpson, Adel...
    Discover how Scots law come into being, its use in disput...
    From £86.75
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  • Defending Faith (Hardback)
    Daniel Bennett
    Based on author's thesis (doctoral - Southern Illinois Un...
    From £25.73
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  • Peverill Squire
    Representation is integral to the study of legislatures, ...
    From £74.24
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  • Literary Trials (Paperback)
    Ralf Gruttemeier
    From the 19th century onwards, famous literary trials hav...
    From £22.03
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  • Michael Stolleis, Thomas ...
    A concise and simplified summary and translation into Eng...
    From £38.06
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  • Christopher Tolley, Thomas...
    The Life of Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, by his brother L...
    From £142.97
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  • John Paul Stevens (Paperback)
    Christopher E. Smith
    This book examines how Justice John Paul Stevens served a...
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  • Assaf Likhovski
    This book analyzes the role of law and social norms in fo...
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