• In Quest of Justice (Hardback)
    Khaled Fahmy
    In Quest of Justice provides the first full account of th...
    From £17.84
    Save £12.16
  • Caliphate Redefined (Hardback)
    Huseyin Yilmaz
    The medieval theory of the caliphate, epitomized by the A...
    From £19.04
    Save £10.96
  • Shari'a Scripts (Hardback)
    Brinkley Messick
    Shari'a Scripts is a work of historical anthropology focu...
    From £30.94
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  • James Baldwin
    Based on author's thesis (Doctoral - New York University,...
    From £54.00
    Save £21.00
  • The Dialectical Forge (9) (Hardback)
    Walter Edward Young
    The Dialectical Forge identifies dialectical disputation ...
    From £81.18
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  • Gaza Under Hamas (Hardback)
    Bjorn Brenner, Magnus Ran...
    Scrutinizes Hamas governance after 2006 to examine how Is...
    From £16.48
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  • Farah Deeba Chowdhury
    Based on author's thesis (doctoral - York University, Osg...
    From £88.17
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  • Matthew S. Erie
    As the first ethnographic study of the practice of Islami...
    From £78.59
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  • Politics of Islamic Law (Paperback / softback)
    Iza R. Hussin
    In The Politics of Islamic Law, Iza Hussin compares India...
    From £19.79
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  • Malik Ibn Anas
    From £27.94
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  • Peri Bearman, Rudolph Peters
    This Companion provides a comprehensive and authoritative...
    From £85.60
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  • Reem A. Meshal
    In this new study, the author examines sijills, the offic...
    From £37.78
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  • Shari'ah Law (Paperback / softback)
    Mohammad Hashim Kamali
    Providing a comprehensive and accessible exploration of S...
    From £10.17
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  • Husain Kassim
    This book deals with the genre of Mukhtasar in Islamic la...
    From £48.71
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  • Risalah (Hardback)
    Ibn Abi Zayd Al-Qayrawani,...
    From £20.74
  • Ayesha Bhatti, Saad Azmat
    Islamic finance's phenomenal growth owes to the Shariah c...
    From £84.40
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  • Risalah (Paperback / softback)
    Ibn Abi Zayd Al-Qayrawani,...
    From £11.40
  • Taqwa (Paperback / softback)
    Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali, Ibn ...
    From £15.38
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