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  • Judicial College
    The Guidelines are designed to provide a clear and logica...
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  • Attila Menyhard, Emod Veress
    The contributors also consider the law of obligation, unf...
    From £61.67
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  • Susan Cunningham-Hill, Kar...
    Making use of two case studies which run throughout the b...
    From £32.21
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  • Prof. Stuart Sime
    Written by an expert in the field, this classic text can ...
    From £35.48
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  • Ilhan Helvaci
    This book introduces readers to the main principles of Tu...
    From £41.80
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  • Steven P. Croley
    "In Civil Justice Reconsidered, Steven Croley demonstrate...
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  • Michael Stolleis, Thomas ...
    A concise and simplified summary and translation into Eng...
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  • Michael Allen
    This makes the disobedience by the undocumented justified...
    From £43.75
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  • Martin Schauer, Bea Versc...
    This book deals with convergences of legal doctrine despi...
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  • Unequal (Hardback)
    Sandra F. Sperino, Suja A....
    Most Americans assume that that employees alleging workpl...
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  • Trusts Law (Paperback)
    Charlie Webb, Tim Akkouh
    These practical insights are bolstered by the inclusion o...
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  • Roger Eastman
    This book takes a practical and insightful look at the su...
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  • Melissa Lonegrass
    This statutory compilation is an essential text for any c...
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  • Bart Wauters, Marco De Be...
    Comprehensive and accessible, this book offers a concise ...
    From £50.79
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  • Family Law (Paperback)
    Paula Davies, Paven Basuita
    This popular textbook provides a comprehensive overview o...
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  • Contract Law (Paperback)
    Ewan McKendrick
    This best-selling, classic text provides a clear and stra...
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  • Land Law (Paperback)
    Mark Davys
    The tenth edition of this popular text has been thoroughl...
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  • Robert Fraser-Brown
    Guide to setting up a Scottish Trust Deed.
    From £5.17