Jurisprudence & philosophy of law

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  • Barbara Hudson
    Offers an account of the ideas and controversies that hav...
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  • Understanding Law (Paperback)
    John N. Adams, Professor ...
    Presents an overview of the English legal system.
    From £22.87
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  • Jurisprudence (Paperback)
    J.G. Riddall
    Incorporates topics like: Utilitarianism, Scandinavian re...
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  • The Rule of Law (Paperback)
    Tom Bingham
    The idea of 'The Rule of Law' as the foundation of modern...
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  • Anne Barron, Hugh Collins...
    This book provides an accessible introduction to jurispru...
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  • Chris Brown, Terry Nardin...
    Thinkers from the Classical Greeks to the First World War...
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  • Law's Empire (Paperback)
    Ronald M. Dworkin
    Law's Empire provides a judicious and coherent introducti...
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  • Legal Philosophies (Paperback)
    J.W. Harris
    Provides a clear guide to the main topics in a jurisprude...
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  • Jan M. Broekman, Frank Fl...
    Conversation and argument concerning laws and legal situa...
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  • Angela Veng Mei Leong
    Analyzing the structures of transnational organized crime...
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  • Mireille Hildebrandt, Anto...
    Law, Human Agency and Autonomic Computing interrogates th...
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  • Randall S. Abate, Elizabet...
    This timely volume explores the ways in which indigenous ...
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  • Paul Ricoeur, David Pellauer
    At the time of his death in 2005, French philosopher Paul...
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  • Denise Meyerson
    Introduces students to debates in jurisprudence and encou...
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  • Dispute Processes (Paperback)
    Michael Palmer, Simon Rob...
    Considers the primary forms of alternative dispute resolu...
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  • Ian Ward
    Provides an introduction to the study of law and legal th...
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  • The Just (Paperback)
    Paul Ricoeur, David Pellauer
    The essays in this collection grew out of a series of inv...
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  • T. R. S. Allan
    This work offers a systematic interpretation of the ideal...
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