• Andrew Crisell
    This provides an accessible and concise history of Britis...
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  • A Life in the Day (Hardback)
    Hunter Davies
    The sequel to the hugely enjoyable and poignant childhood...
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  • The 71st edition of WRT Handbook, this great directory co...
    From £20.88
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  • Kenneth O. Morgan (Hardback)
    Kenneth O. Morgan
    The eventful life, scholarly work and political and perso...
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  • This New Noise (Paperback)
    Charlotte Higgins
    What does the BBC mean to us now?
    From £8.53
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  • Hello Again (Hardback)
    Simon Elmes
    14 November 2012 marks the ninetieth anniversary of the B...
  • Peter Goodwin
    This text examines the particular impact made by the That...
  • Understanding Radio (Paperback)
    Andrew Crisell
    This standard text has been fully updated to include the ...
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  • Lauren Graham
    A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, Talking As Fast As I Can is ...
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  • Between Breaths (Paperback)
    Elizabeth Vargas
    A no-holds-barred memoir of anxiety, addiction, and recov...
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  • John Lloyd
    In this sweeping global survey, one of Britain's most dis...
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  • Michael D. Smith, Rahul T...
    "[The authors explain] gently yet firmly exactly how the ...
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  • No News is Bad News (Hardback)
    Michael Bromley
    This volume of collected essays provides a wide-ranging s...
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  • Simon Dawes
    This text offers a theoretical engagement with the ways i...
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  • Thomas Winslow Hazlett
    From the former chief economist of the FCC, a remarkable ...
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  • 9XM (Paperback)
    Randall Davidson
    Provides a history of the innovative work of Wisconsin's ...
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  • Tx Magazine (Paperback)
    Stephen Hebditch
    From £12.61
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  • Ruoyun Bai, Geng Song
    The past two decades witnessed the rise of television ent...
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