• Trust Me, I'm Lying (Paperback)
    Ryan Holiday
    A malicious online rumor costs a company millions.
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  • My Way (Hardback)
    Alan Friedman
    Alan Friedman tells the story of Silvio Berlusconi, the b...
    From £10.15
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  • Affective Publics (Paperback)
    Zizi Papacharissi
    Over the past few decades, we have witnessed the growth o...
    From £18.62
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  • Lars Ellestrom
    This is a methodical study of the material and mental lim...
    From £38.08
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  • Screenwriting (Paperback)
    Bridget Conor
    Screenwriting: Creative Labor and Professional Practice a...
    From £25.89
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  • Lynn Serafinn
    From £12.04
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  • Tina Hart, Linda Fazzani,...
    A lively and accessible introduction to this highly compl...
  • Cram101 Textbook Reviews
    From £25.92
  • Print Journalism (Paperback)
    Richard Keeble
    Provides an overview of the skills needed to work within ...
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  • Nick Lacey
    Media Institutions and Audiences completes Nick Lacey's t...
    From £20.58
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  • News and News Sources (Paperback)
    Paul Manning
    It is often suggested that the powerful dominate news age...
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  • Andy Ruddock
    The history of audience research tells us that the relati...
    From £24.86
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  • Shaun Moores
    In this comprehensive guide to important developments in ...
    From £25.19
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  • Free to be Human (Paperback)
    David Edwards
    Free to be Human shows how the 'filter' system described ...
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  • Corinne Tan
    From £19.72
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  • Corinne Tan
    From £38.06
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  • Narratives Online (Hardback)
    Ruth Page
    Investigates how stories are shared in online contexts an...
  • Peter Thomson, Mike Johns...
    This book examines the impact of the digital deluge on em...
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