• Retailing (Paperback)
    Andrew Newman, Peter Cullen
    Retailing: Environment and Operations is a complete intro...
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    Save £10.18
  • Department Stores (No. 588) (Paperback)
    Claire Masset
    The way we shop has undergone many transformations over t...
    From £5.72
    Save £2.27
  • Tim Jackson, David Shaw
    The first academic textbook covering European retail fash...
    From £19.17
    Save £5.82
  • Reading Retail (Paperback)
    Neil Wrigley, Michelle Lowe
    Captures contemporary debates on geography of retailing a...
    From £24.38
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  • Woolworth's (Hardback)
    Kathryn A. Morrison
    The story of Woolworth's told through the prism of its st...
    From £28.96
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  • Paul J. Russell
    Maintain a strong product presentation and employ an ef...
    From £11.25
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  • Brad Stone
    **Winner of the 2013 Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Bu...
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  • How to Sell to Retail (Paperback)
    Clare Rayner
    The only practical guide to successfully selling your pro...
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  • Retailing (Paperback)
    Tony Kent, Ogenyi Omar
    Retailing provides a clear and comprehensive introduction...
  • David Gilbert
    Building on the first edition, the text starts by looking...
  • Andrew Jennings
    How to Win or Lose in Retail
    From £16.61
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  • Michael Dart
    Compared to 25 years ago, today's retail experience is a ...
    From £12.36
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  • The Revenge of Analog (Paperback)
    David Sax
    One of Michiko Kakutani's top ten books of 2016, The Reve...
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  • Jaya Halepete Iyer, Shubha...
    Revised edition of Retailing in emerging markets, 2011.
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  • Nicholas Jewell
    China's rise as an economic superpower has been inescapable.
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  • James B. Ayers, Mary Ann ...
    Revised edition of the authors' Retail supply chain manag...
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  • Design Management: (Paperback)
    Sotiris T Lalaounis
    Placed at the nexus between marketing and organisational ...
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  • Street Occupations (Hardback)
    Patricia Acerbi
    Offering new perspectives on informal commerce and citize...
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