• Paul J. Russell
    Maintain a strong product presentation which sets itself ...
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  • Harris Tweed (Paperback)
    Lara Platman, Patrick Grant
    A celebration of craftsmanship and a way of life, this bo...
    From £11.62
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  • Colouring the Nation (Paperback)
    Stana Nenadic, Sally Tuckett
    'Turkey red' was a dyeing process that produced a fast, w...
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  • Wool & Water (Paperback)
    Jennifer Tann
    Where did Gloucestershire's cloth go?
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  • Leslie Davis Burns, Kathy ...
    This authoritative text examines how fashion apparel and ...
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  • The Felt Industry (No. 576) (Paperback)
    Peter Walter
    The woollen felt industry has now virtually disappeared, ...
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  • Jack W. Plunkett
    The apparel and textiles industry is one of the industrie...
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  • Charles Levenstein, Gregor...
    "The Cotton Dust Papers" is the story of the 50-year stru...
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  • Fashion Fibers (Paperback)
    Annie Gullingsrud, Lynda ...
    Fashion Fibers: Designing for Sustainability provides a h...
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  • Storm in a D Cup (Hardback)
    June Kenton
    June Kenton Autobiography covering the transformation of ...
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  • The Rag Trade (Paperback)
    Pam Inder
    Explores the rag trade of the nineteenth century.
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  • Nina Sylvanus
    In this book, Nina Sylvanus tells a captivating story of ...
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  • Nina Sylvanus
    In this book, Nina Sylvanus tells a captivating story of ...
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  • Fake Silk (Hardback)
    Paul David Blanc
    When a new technology makes people ill, how high does the...
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  • Abhijit Majumdar
    Weaving as a subject is an integral part of any textile e...
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  • Stanley Bernard Brahams
    The book describes the role of a quality professional in ...
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  • Alessandra Mezzadri
    This book explores the processes producing and reproducin...
  • Jonathan E. Robins
    The story of how African farmers, African-American scient...
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