• Fashion in the Time of Jane Austen (583) (Paperback / softback)
    Sarah-Jane Downing
    The broader Regency period 1795 to 1820, stands alone as ...
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  • Coco Chanel (Hardback)
    Isabel Sanchez Vegara, Ana...
    The first book in the bestselling Little People, BIG DREA...
    From £6.17
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  • Rebecca Arnold, Kaat Debo...
    The must-have book for every fashionista with direct inpu...
    From £24.80
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  • Blue Blooded (Hardback)
    Thomas Stege Bojer
    From £24.53
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  • Grace (Hardback)
    Grace Coddington
    A celebration of the work of legendary fashion stylist Gr...
    From £64.79
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  • Alexander McQueen (Hardback)
    Judith Watt
    A retrospective of McQueen's groundbreaking designs and a...
    From £11.40
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  • Marnie Fogg
    A neat collection of 1950s pattern, this book covers the ...
  • Roman Clothing and Fashion (Paperback / softback)
    Alexandra Croom
    A detailed, finely researched and profusely illustrated h...
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  • Carolyn Asome
    From the internationally prestigious fashion brand, Vogue...
    From £11.22
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  • Chloe Fox
    Discover the most covetable Little Black Dresses in fashi...
    From £11.63
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  • Paris Fashion (Hardback)
    Valerie Steele
    Paris has been the international capital of fashion for m...
    From £20.35
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  • Olivier Saillard
    A behind-the-scenes look at the scandalous YSL collection...
    From £14.93
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  • The Silhouette (Hardback)
    Georges Vigarello, Augusta...
    From bone-crushing corsets to modern `slimming' creams, o...
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  • 1930's Fashion (Paperback / softback)
    Charlotte Fiell, Emmanuell...
    The 1930s was a turbulent decade for the world at large -...
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  • 1920's Fashion (Paperback / softback)
    Charlotte Fiell, Emmanuell...
    Containing page after page of Twenties fashions, this sou...
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  • The Suit (Hardback)
    Christopher Breward
    Beautifully illustrated and written with authority, Suit ...
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  • Corsets & Codpieces (Paperback / softback)
    Karen Bowman
    Corsets and Codpieces will be an informative and entertai...
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  • Unknown
    Take a trip through 200 years of fashion history with thi...
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