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  • Jr. Robert Lomax, Karen J...
    This concise, well-priced book is just perfect for social...
    From £16.35
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  • Jill Rubery, Damian Grimshaw
    The Organisation of Employmentexplores the diversity in t...
  • Helena Morrissey
  • 1-800-Worlds (Hardback)
    Mathangi Krishnamurthy
    1-800-Worlds chronicles the labour practices, life-worlds...
    From £29.27
    Save £4.72
  • High Potential (Hardback)
    Ian MacRae, Adrian Furnha...
    Updated to reflect more recent research in the area, the ...
    From £16.19
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  • A Life Lived Remotely (Paperback)
    Siobhan McKeown
    If work is hell, what is working from home?
    From £9.17
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  • Helena Morrissey
    Five years have passed since women were exhorted to `Lean...
    From £10.94
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  • Tony Becher
    There is recurrent public concern with enhancing the qual...
    From £28.19
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  • Jack W. Plunkett
    This carefully-researched book covers exciting trends in ...
    From £226.11
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  • Slow At Work (Hardback)
    Aoife McElwain
    Covering all the hot topics such as burnout, anxiety, imp...
    From £8.94
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  • Michael Gold
    Title first published in 2003.
    From £76.09
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  • DRIVERS (Paperback)
    Susanne Jacobs
    Grounded in research, DRIVERS provides an accessible and ...
    From £7.99
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  • Carol Sanford
    Award-winning author, expert speaker and executive coach,...
    From £15.21
    Save £7.78
  • Kill Bad Meetings (Hardback)
    Kevan Hall, Alan Hall
    Kill Bad Meetings will show you how to save yourself a da...
    From £13.43
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  • Bruno S. Frey, Jana Gallus
    This book presents a range of empirical evidence to argue...
    From £20.53
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  • Find Your Why (Paperback)
    Simon Sinek
    Simon Sinek's recent video on 'The Millennial Question' w...
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  • Miguel R. Olivas-Lujan, Ta...
    The volume is divided into two parts.
    From £48.64
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  • Carlos Tasso Eira de Aquin...
    This edited collection offers a nontraditional approach t...
    From £63.07
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