• Carlo Falciani, Antonio N...
    A broad and multifaceted overview of the masterpieces of ...
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  • Dries Van Noten (Hardback)
    Pamela Golbin, Kaat Debo
    Discover the inspiration and intuition of top fashion des...
    From £32.65
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  • Austin Mutti-Mewse, Howard...
    A fascinating insight into the Golden Age of Hollywood, t...
    From £24.71
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  • Sounds Like Silence (Paperback)
    John Cage, Inke Arns, Die...
    From £18.79
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  • Mel Simone Elliott
    From £5.45
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  • John Train
    Provides a comprehensive history of the olive and its man...
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  • Civilizing Rituals (Paperback)
    Carol Duncan
    This book considers the material conditions in which the ...
    From £20.49
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  • Creation Myths (Paperback)
    David MacLagan
    This is a brief cross-cultural study of the myths man has...
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  • Sponsorship (Paperback)
    Ryan McGinness
    From £15.21
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  • Virginia Woolf (Paperback)
    Frances Spalding
    Virginia Woolf's many novels, notably Night and Day (1919...
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  • Moshe Safdie
    A comprehensive volume that traces the evolution of Moshe...
    From £36.76
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  • The Clark (Paperback)
    Michael Conforti, Michael ...
    Published to celebrate the renovation and expansion of th...
    From £8.73
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  • Hylands House (Paperback)
    Ceri Lowen
    This beautifully designed and illustrated book depicts th...
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  • The Art of Golf (Paperback)
    Michael Clarke, Kenneth M...
    A wonderful collection that illustrates around 60 works f...
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  • Experimental Eating (Paperback)
    Thomas Howells
    Experimental Eating is the first international survey of ...
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  • How Theatre Means (Paperback)
    Ric Knowles
    This wide-ranging study demonstrates how meaning is produ...
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  • Amy Miller Dehan
    Amy Miller Dehan,Curator of Decorative Arts and Design, C...
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  • Gods and Heroes (Hardback)
    Emmanuel Schwartz, Emmanue...
    A rich overview of masterpieces from the original school ...
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