• Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen ...
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  • The Names (Paperback)
    Leandro Fernandez, Peter ...
    A deadly heroine ticks off - and kills - each "name" that...
    From £8.21
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  • The Walking Dead (Volume 24) (Paperback)
    Charlie Adlard, Robert Ki...
    What level of threat do the Whisperers pose to the commun...
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  • Army of Darkness (Paperback)
    Larry Watts, Cullen Bunn,...
    As the Chosen One, Ash has seen some strange things and v...
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  • Vampirella (Paperback)
    Eric Trautmann, Elaine Le...
    While exploring the Transylvanian castle she's recently i...
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  • The Arrogant Horseman (Paperback / softback)
    M C Rooney
    From £10.69
  • Creeping Crawlers (Paperback)
    Allen Ashley
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  • Alice Cooper (Volume 1) (Hardback)
    David Mack, Brandon Jerwa...
    Rock n' roll legend Alice Cooper has never been a strange...
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  • Joyland (Hardback)
    Stephen King
    Stephen King's #1 Bestseller As You've Never Seen It Befo...
  • Robyn Hood (Volume 2) (Paperback)
    Tony Brescini, Patrick Shand
    One year ago, Robyn Locksley was brought to Myst, a realm...
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  • Accidental Death (Paperback)
    Jill Thrussell
    From £7.53
  • The Omega Factor (Series 1) (CD-Audio)
    Matt Fitton, Phil Mulryne...
    The first series of Big Finish's Full-Cast Audio Adventur...
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  • Deliver Us from Evil (48) (Mixed media product)
    Aaron Lamont, Alistair Mc...
    The Dark Shadows story continues in this hour-long audio ...
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  • Barbara Hand Clow
    A debut novel from bestselling author Barbara Hand Clow.
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  • A Ghostly Demise (Paperback)
    Tonya Kappes
    The prodigal father returns-but this ghost is no holy spi...
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  • Ajin (Volume 6) (Paperback)
    Gamon Sakurai
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  • Attack on Titan (16) (Paperback)
    Hajime Isayama
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  • The Loney (Hardback)
    Andrew Michael Hurley
    A beautiful, thrilling and unsettling debut novel.
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