• The Human Division (Paperback)
    John Scalzi
    Following the events of "The Last Colony," Scalzi tells t...
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    Save £1.35
  • Jodi Taylor
    "History is just one damned thing after another" - Arnold...
    From £6.21
    Save £1.78
  • Thief of Thieves (Volume 3) (Paperback)
    Robert Kirkman, Andy Digg...
    Originally published in single magazine form as Thief of ...
    From £7.18
    Save £3.81
  • WE3 (Paperback)
    Grant Morrison, Frank Qui...
    Delivers the emotional journey of We3 - three house pets ...
    From £7.18
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  • Annihilation (Hardback)
    Jeff VanderMeer
    If J.J.
    From £7.53
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  • Europe in Autumn (Paperback)
    Dave Hutchinson
    'Europe in Autumn' is a thriller of espionage and the fut...
    From £5.79
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  • Fortune's Pawn (Book 1) (Paperback)
    Rachel Bach
    Fans of Firefly and Elizabeth Moon will lap up this actio...
    From £5.97
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  • Warren Ellis, John Cassaday
    Planetary has been hailed as a timeless story that turned...
    From £35.05
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  • Ex Machina (Book 1) (Paperback)
    Tony Harris, Brian K. Vaughn
    Set in our modern-day world, this book tells the story of...
    From £9.24
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  • Brian Michael Bendis, Stua...
  • Wolfhound Century (Paperback)
    Peter Higgins
    A gripping SF thriller in a brilliantly realized alternat...
    From £6.53
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  • Shadowdance (NULL) (Paperback / softback)
    Kristen Callihan
    From £7.12
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  • Nicholas Briggs, Paul McG...
    November 23rd 1963 proves to be a significant day in the ...
    From £29.65
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  • Surreal South '13 (Paperback)
    Josh Woods
    From £12.98
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  • The Deaths of Tao (2) (Paperback)
    Wesley Chu
    The Prophus and the Genjix have now both found a way off-...
    From £6.16
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  • Amelia Williams, Melody M...
    In the seaside village of Watchcombe, young Kate is deter...
    From £5.97
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  • Ancillary Justice (1) (Paperback)
    Ann Leckie
    The record-breaking debut novel that won every major scie...
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  • Doctor Who (Paperback)
    Scott Gray, Dan McDaid, M...
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