• Graham Masterton
    From £15.40
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  • Weston Ochse
    When a grove of Druids sacrifice the lives of a group of ...
  • Last Rite (Paperback)
    Jasper Kent
    Russia - 1917.
    From £11.02
    Save £3.97
  • Nura (23) (Paperback)
    Hiroshi Shiibashi
    Volume 23 of the series where an ordinary teenager must d...
    From £5.37
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  • The Evil Inside (Paperback)
    Philip Taffs
    A psychological horror novel set in New York in the year ...
  • Creepy Archives (Volume 20) (Hardback)
    Bruce Jones, John Severin...
    From £23.39
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  • Robert Kirkman
    The beginning of a new series set in the world of Robert ...
    From £5.93
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  • The Rats (Hardback)
    James Herbert
    The classic, bestselling novel that launched James Herber...
    From £13.89
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  • Horns (Paperback)
    Joe Hill
    From £7.46
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  • No One Gets Out Alive (Paperback)
    Adam Nevill
    Described as 'Britain's answer to Stephen King' by the Gu...
    From £6.90
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  • Nacho Tenorio, Steve Nile...
    Ash battled and defeated the Deadite image of himself and...
    From £12.33
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  • The Vines (Paperback)
    Christopher Rice
  • Red Light Properties (Volume 2) (Paperback)
    Dan Goldman
    Following a victory that quadrupled their business, Cecil...
    From £9.88
    Save £5.11
  • Reapers Shadow (Paperback)
    Joseph V. Sultana
    Post Apocalyptic England.
  • The Icarus Gland (Hardback)
    Anna Starobinets
    Stories from the fractured imagination of one of Russia's...
    From £8.75
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  • Richard Corben
    From £12.67
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  • Whispers in the Dark (Paperback)
    Jonathan Aycliffe
    At the end of the nineteenth century Charlotte Metcalf is...
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  • The Bewdley Mayhem (Paperback)
    Tony Burgess
    From £11.02
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