• Edgar Cantero
    The heir to Axton House and his companion are delighted t...
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  • Community (Paperback)
    Graham Masterton
    From £10.49
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  • Servamp (Vol. 2) (Paperback)
    Tanaka Strike
    When a stray black cat named Kuro crosses Mahiru Shirota'...
  • Crossed (v.12) (Paperback)
    David Lapham, German Erra...
    A father is pushed to the brink when his family is brutal...
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  • The Curse of Shurafa (46) (CD-Audio)
    Rob Morris, Scott Haran, ...
    Barnabas Collins is a desperate man.
  • Ghosted (Volume 4) (Paperback)
    Miroslav Mrva, Vladmir Kr...
    In the ghost town, a portal to the afterlife has emerged.
  • Five Ghosts (Volume 1) (Hardback)
    Frank J. Barbiere, Chris ...
    Lets you join Fabian and his allies as they travel across...
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  • Sarah Rayne
    When Michael Flint is asked to investigate a reputedly ha...
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  • Barbara Hambly
    War is descending on the world, and James Asher is called...
  • Bodies (Paperback)
    Tula Lotay, Si Spencer
    Edmond Hillinghead is an 1890's over achiever who's tryin...
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  • Adam Jones, Steve Niles, ...
    A group of frozen bodies are eerily and impossibly arrang...
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  • Delores Fossen, Adrienne ...
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  • Under Fire (Paperback)
    Carol Ericson, Janie Crouch
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  • Catherine Mann, Lauren Canan
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  • Charlene Sands, Jules Ben...
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  • Olivia Gates, Andrea Laur...
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  • Sheltered (Paperback)
    HelenKay Dimon, Cindi Myers
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  • Night of the Damned (Paperback)
    Stephen Bywater
    A dark, twisting historical thriller with a unique supern...
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